Townie Town: DQ 1.1


Participant: Demetrius Quintanilla
Project Report: 1.1
Project Goal: File initial report, adjust to new careers, check aspirations

Personal Data for Demetrius (Chronicler)
Clumsy, Bro, Creative
Career: Musical Performer/Level 9, Instrumental Wonder
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Would you like to change your aspiration? Sure thing. This one don’t fit.
New selected aspiration: Musical Genius


Personal Data for Fabian Quintanilla (Roomie)
Clumsy, Bro, Cheerful
Career: Culinary/Level 9, Executive Chef
Aspiration: Curator
Would Fabian like to change his aspiration? Dynorama!
New selected aspiration: Master Chef


Personal Data for Summer Quintanilla (Roomie)
Geek, Bro, Creative
Career: Athlete/Level 4, Dance Team Captain
Aspiration: Computer Whiz
Would Summer like to change her aspiration? Not on your life, bro!


Personal Data for Toni Quintanilla (Roomie)
Perfectionist, Ambitious, Family-Oriented
Career: Tech/Level 4, Ace Engineer
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Would Toni like to change her aspiration? No, thank you.

Summary of Events:  Dude! We’re all set!

Next Steps: Keep on keeping on.

***Demie’s Dynamic Dialogue [for one–guess that would be a monologue XD]***


Me and the Quintanillas are set! We’re riding like vanilla on the back of armadilla eating quince-meat pie!

Whenever anybody meets us, they always say, “Hey! Siblings? Cousins? How cool is that!”

We’re not. I mean, we’re cool. But we’re not brothers and sisters and cousins. We’re family, but we’re not related. We’re bros. Three bros and a roomie. But she’s our honorary bro. Just look at her, sweet little Toni, like my little sis. Love her to death, little pumpkin pie.


We’re a made-up family.

So, see, the four of us met at college and we hit it off. “Let’s be like a thing,” we said.

“What will we call us?”

“Call us Vanilla,” said Fabian.

“Vanilla? That’s stupid. We should call us a Quintet! That’s cool, at least.”

“Um, Demie?” That was Toni. She always says the smart stuff. “Um, Demie? A quintet’s got five. We got four.”

Dang. What do you call four? A quartet. How cool is that? Not. That’s like you go to the store, “Ma’am, can I get a quartet of milk?”

So, it’s quintet. That’s cool. Quintet minus one.

Anyway, Summer said quintet was weird, and vanilla was weird, but what do you get when you square weird? Cool. So we squared the two and we got “Quintanilla.” Then we all changed our names. Now we’re the Quintanilla bros (and sis).

That’s the low-down on how it went down.


And now we’re sitting pretty in the House of Wonder. Maybe because we’re in this fancy house we can’t none of us afford, we also got put into the Townie Town Employment Project, which is pretty weird, because, to tell the truth, we’ve hardly got a skill among the four of us.

Nonetheless, the girls got placed at Level 4 employment, and me and Fabian got placed at Level 9.

Fabian figures he better start learning to cook if he’s an executive chef. Dude just about sliced his finger off!


“Hey, bro! Whatcha doin?”

“Just lookin’ up how to sow back on my finger!”


And I better learn how to play the piano if I’m supposed to be some Instrumental Wonder.

I got the two finger thing down right now.


Summer–man. Summer. She’s so luscious. I mean she’s a bro. But still. Look at her. Summer.


I’ve always thought Fabian sort of had a thing for her. He won’t admit it, but everywhere you find Sum, Fab’s not far behind.

So, I got my own lovebird–Breana. She is easy on the eyes–like deep crystal pool on the first day of spring. I’m not even sure how we hooked up–we’re both clumsy, and we both started out with the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration (which we’ve both ditched for something more creative). I think it happened at that orientation dinner-thing we went to. I was sitting next to Bree, and I just couldn’t keep from falling. Those eyes! And don’t even talk to me about her lips.

She called me up for a date–girls can do that now, just call up a bro. So, we met at the lounge, had a great time, joking, laughing.


This cute mixologist that worked the orientation dinner was there–she’s sweet. And a few random dudes.


I was beat, but we kept the laughs flowing.


Anyway, at the end of the date, Bree just sort of waves and kinda shrugs. “Ok, see ya.”

And that was that. I had fun, but I can’t help wondering. Maybe our ideas of what’s a good date don’t quite align.


Well, we got a whole world of days ahead of us! We got time played and time unplayed to move through this big old town and see who we meet that shares our notion of fun. And who knows? Maybe somebody from Windenburg will swoop through and sweep Bree off her feet, and I’ll be free to check out any little mixologist that wears that funny little springy head things–those yoga bands that make a hairstyle look so cute.

Or not. Heck, I’m a bro and a professional musician (even if my repertoire at present consists of a heartfelt rendition of chopsticks). I got other things to do than worry about the perfect date.