Townie Town: AB 1.1


Participant: Alonso Bowden
Project Report: 1.1
Project Goal: File initial report

Personal Data for Alonso (Chronicler)
Life stage: Child
Aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp
Would you like to change your aspiration? Nah. Mom says, “Do them all,” and “Start anywhere.”


Personal Data for Kaye Bowden (Sister)
Loves the Outdoors, Art Lover
Life stage: Teen
Part-time job: Backhoe Operator
Aspiration: Party Animal
Would Kaye like to change her aspiration? She says, “Can I? Please?” She wants to be an artist, like Mom. And she wants me to tell you, “Please let me keep my awesome cool job.”


Personal Data for Patrice Bowden (Mother)
Creative, Genius, Goofball
Career: Stay-at-home Mom/Freelance Painter
Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire
Would Patrice like to change her aspiration? Mom says, “No thanks, ham-shanks! Don’t mess with perfection!”


Summary of Events: First I played arithmetic attack–no wait, first I played with Miss Petunia Pistol. She’s a doll, but she thinks she’s real. Then I attacked the arithmetic–go seven! Ate nine! Ha! Then my sister joked my nose just about off, then we tried to wake the llama. First I won. Then Kaye-Kaye won, then Mom won, then the llama was awake, but we were half asleep, so we went to bed. In the morning we ate eggs and skipped school. Mom says skipping school is one way to make sure that kids don’t tease me, but an even better way is to be self confident. That means to be me.


Next Steps: Be me! And Kaye-Kaye will be Kaye-Kaye. And Mom will be a big llama nose! Not! Mom is Mom. AKA perfection in potato sack. (That’s what Kaye says.)


The Secret Life of Alonso Bowden (that’s me)

“What’s that, Miss Petunia? Why do I have a boy’s name? Because I’m a boy!”


Silly doll. She thinks she knows everything.

“Boys can so have long hair. Haven’t you ever heard of Samson? Before Delilah. And what about Indians? I’m an Indian. Moms says they’re called ‘First People.’ I say, why can’t we all just be people first? And potato-heads second!”


I don’t mind answering Miss Petunia Pistol’s silly questions. It’s not like I haven’t heard them before.

“I wear pink because I like it, ok? It’s a pretty color. It’s red and white. Or, if you were painting water colors and you mixed red with lots of water, that’s pink.”

Sometimes, I practice with Kaye-Kaye giving answers to silly questions.


I like to say, “Kaye, you pretend you’re someone else. And then, I ask, ‘Do you know what my sister’s job is?'”

Kaye says in a big low voice,  “No. What is your sister’s job?”

I say, “She operates a backhoe.”

And sometimes, Kaye-Kaye answers, “That’s ridiculous! She’s just a girl! Everybody knows only men can operate backhoes!”

And we both just giggle.

Or sometimes Kaye-Kaye says, “Wow! That’s awesome! She’s a teen girl and she does that? That’s so cool.”

“Right,” I say. “So if my sister Kaye can wear boys’ hats and boys’ jeans and operate a backhoe, how come I can’t have long hair and wear pink and play with dolls? We’re free people!”


That’ll stump them.

My mom says, “We just be how we want to be.”


If that’s so, then my mom and Kaye-Kaye want to be bee-yoo-tee-full!

I look different from them.

Adopted means chosen–that’s what Mom told me. I like that because it means that I was chosen.

I asked Mom if Kaye-Kaye was chosen. She said, “No, Kaye was a surprise.” You know like how sometimes a gift is a surprise? It’s like that!


She’s like a gift that keeps being given every day.

I love playing “Wake the Llama.” It teaches me a lot about life and living.

Sometimes you just gotta close your eyes and reach in and pull! And whatever happens, happens!


And sometimes, you think and plan and strategize. And everything is just right. So you make a move. Like it’s nothing. Piece of cake. Oh! I love cake!


And then, your smooth move goes kaPUT! And crash! Everything comes tumbling down. Then, you got to deal with a woken up llama! “Here, Llama! Have some nice hay and go back to sleep!” But the llama’s all frisky and wants to play all day, so nothing gets done but lots of fun! I like that kind of day.


Mom and Kaye-Kaye always tell jokes and stories, so even when things go kaPUT, we still have a lot of fun. It’s interesting that way.


Mom and Kaye know how to keep things on the happy.

If I come home from school, and let’s say I feel kinda sad ’cause kids were teasing me, all I need to do is go talk to Mom.


And then pretty soon I feel head-to-toes better!


Or I find Kaye-Kaye. And she always makes me feel like I’m the best me I can be.


So between the two of them, I don’t really have time to feel sad.

Mom says everybody has something about them that’s different. But even more, we all have something that’s the same.

When Mom feeds me supper, she says, “Everybody’s got to eat, pumpkin.”

And when we play, she says, “We all got to play sometime, sniffer-nose!”

And when she tucks me in at night, she says, “Sleep tight, my butterfly. All God’s creature’s got to sleep.”