Skill U: 2.3

Honey Walker’s journal–don’t read it; return it. Casus Dulces

Week Two, Day Three – Freshman Year

Editor’s Note: Honey’s journal entries are numbered according to week and day of the week. As she does not keep daily entries, gaps appear in the numbering. Please see the Table of Contents for the full listing of entries.


One thing I’ve decided for sure. When I get my degree, I do not want to work as a plumber. I’ve had to fix so many leaky faucets and busted shower heads, if I have to pick up a wrench one more time when I’d rather be holding my violin bow I will scream!

I want to have enough money that I can hire somebody to repair the broken stuff.

Right now, I fix the broken stuff because we don’t have that extra money.

In fact, we were worried that we might not even have enough to cover the new semester’s bills.


“You think we’ll be ok, Emma?” I asked as we chowed down on leftovers after our first day of classes for the new term.

“It doesn’t really matter,” Emma said. “What’s the worst they can do? Turn off the utilities? We’ve got a park right next door. We can get our water from there and use their bathroom. And cook on the grill. Bottom line? We’ll be fine.”


I wished I had Emma’s sense of assurance. The park is fine, but I rather like our own kitchen and I prefer taking a hot shower here at home.


But it turns out there was nothing to worry about!

“Good news!” said our Dean. “We got the financial statement from our household account, and with the money from your scholarship, plus what I earned from my paintings, we just got the bills covered!”


“That’s the best news ever!”

“You’re telling me!” she said. “Good thing you pulled through with that A last term!”


I celebrated by playing the violin out in the courtyard. The acoustics out there are amazing. The walls of all the casitas reflect the sound, but the pool diffracts it, so that the result is deep and rich.


Today, I decided to stay home from class. I emailed all my instructors and they all replied saying I was in good shape for earning an A this term, so just keep in touch and turn in any assignments and I’d be fine.

Think of that! I don’t have to go to class!


Dad would say, “Go to class anyway, Hon. You never get ahead by skipping out.”


But I’ve thought it through. As long as I keep the A, I’ll be in a lot better shape if I use my time to get ahead for next year.

If I hope to complete my performing arts major, the best use of my time–ever–is practice. I only stop to eat, exercise, and rest my arms, shoulders, and fingers. Lately, I’ve been even practicing in my dreams.


I’m starting to think about what after. I know it’s still years away, but I feel like if I don’t start planning now, I’ll skip some important thing I’m supposed to do to make my plans happen. So, I figure, if I start planning now, then I can do research to find out everything I need to do or to know, and then I’ll be in good shape to do whatever it is I want to do.

The only thing is, I’m not completely sure what that is.

“What do you want to do after graduation?” I asked Brandon.


“I want to be a professional chess player!” he said.


“Is that even a thing?” I asked. I’d never heard of anyone making a living doing that.


“Oh, sure!” he replied. “I mean, my family is loaded. So I don’t actually have to make money at it. I’ll just travel the world and play in tournaments.”

“Well, it’s nice you’ve got that luxury,” I said, realizing full well that it was a luxury that wasn’t open to me. I’m going to have to make money at whatever I do. I’d even like to make enough that I can help out Mom and Dad a bit, in their retirement years.


“You’re lucky,” Brandon said. “Beautiful, talented girl like you! You’ll have your face plastered on CD covers in every country! Violin virtuoso! Newest greatest musical genius!”

I felt flattered for an instant that he could even think that. I mean, I know that nothing like that will ever happen. But still! When I felt my heart flutter at the thought of being a successful performer, I realized that this was maybe a sign about what it is that I want to do after college. Imagine! Me, a professional musician! Can dreams really come true?


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