Townie Town: KB 2.1


Participant: Kimber Brumfield
Project Report: 2.1
Project Goal: Correct personal data, set and pursue goals

Personal Data
Note from Coordinator:
We identified some discrepancies in the previous traits listed. Please correct and resubmit.
Good, Good, Good. Oh, and Bro. (Satisfied?)

Summary of Events: I got a promotion! Yes! Yes! I really did. I knew it. My innocent face never lets me down.

Next Steps: Vacation day!



For My Eyes Only 😛

Look! I’ve got a higher level of security clearance! What’s this? Proposed expenditures for the next fiscal year?


Ooooh! I know about seven investors who will LOVE this information! Just VPN through my VP’s account, slide over to the VP’s email, and hit Send!  Ooops! Did I really do that? **logout**


Work is a piece of cake. I knew that business was the best career choice for me! There’s just so much information I can get a hold of! service I can offer to promote the interests of my company. I am a loyal office girl! (At least loyal to my own interests!)

I’ve been keeping a lookout through the neighborhood. There’s this kid who’s a lot like me. I’ve sort of got an idea that maybe I might take him under my wing as my little minion my protege. Only one obstacle: He’s got this big sister who’s always watching over him.


Well, there are plenty of neighbors to meet!


I’m making quite an impression in town, if I do say so myself.


It’s seriously twisted delightful how pleasant everyone is! After a rather lively discussion with one neighbor, she was quick to compliment me on my cool new t-shirt.


Then, as she headed off, she said, “Thanks for hanging out with me!”

Yeah! No problem! Let’s do it again! Hahahaha!


My social life is pretty full. Is it weird that my two friends are teen boys? What does that say about me? It seems like somebody’s always calling me up to do something. Me and TeenBoy Schubert strutted our stuff at a dance party.


Who should be there but the Quintanillas? Bro-heaven!


I was beat when I left. But it was worth it… Bros. BroQuintaBronillas!


I took a vacation day the next day. Because every promotion deserves a vacation. And Hugo the other teen boy called me up to hang out in his ostentatious mansion humble abode.

I don’t know why he even bothered to invite me over. He hit the sack right after I got there.


But it wasn’t a total waste. I met his sister who invited me to join her club. So now I’m in a club with a bunch of teens. It’s like it’s a swimming club or something but nobody told me.


It’s actually hideously boring because all they do is try on different outfits. What? I am such a good sport. If it’s a swimming club, I’m going to swim. Do I hear the starting pistol?


Yeah, this is what we do at the club when we’re not trying on boring outfits.


And, of course, somebody from the home neighborhood is there, that little hippie-haired boy.


I’m not complaining. Why would I complain? My life is great!

I just got a promotion!


It’s still a really low-level position.

I’m making lots of friends.


They’re all either teens or my enemies.

I’m in a club!


Ok. It’s super boring and we just try on stupid clothes or sit on the edge of stupid chlorinated swimming pools.

And I met the BroQuintaBronillas!


Now that really is cool. Can I say it? Life is sweet. Nope. Not yet. Hahahaha!