Townie Town: BX 2.1


Participant: Breana Xian
Project Report: 2.1
Project Goal: File second report/set your own goals

Summary of Events: Everything is going fine. Noelle quit her job and is improving her grades–she’s on course to earn an A in time! Nicholas has reached the maximum level for all childhood skills and has now begun work on childhood aspirations. Keeping busy seems to be an important key for him, as he hasn’t acted out recently.

Next Steps: I’d like Noelle to achieve an A, and I’d like Nicholas to complete the child aspirations. Noelle seems more interested in cooking than schoolwork, though she agrees with me that good grades are important. Nicholas enjoys being busy–and it certainly works out well for him (and all of us) when he is! As for me, I’ll continue painting. I find such satisfaction in creative expression.

Participant Diary *private* 


The kids are doing well, so I’ve got that to be thankful for. But I’ve got my own set of challenges to face.

I am not happy with my love life. I want to be able to kiss and flirt and fool around, and Demie, sweet as he is, is not available. Or at least, not as available as I need him to be. Whenever I call him up, he’s busy–at work or doing something else. What am I supposed to do?

Miracle has taken to jogging down our street every morning. I ran into her the other day when I was feeling lovelorn and frustrated.


“Hiya!” she said. “Everything ok?”

Of course it wasn’t, and I knew it was pretty obvious that it wasn’t, and I didn’t feel like pretending.

“The kids are great, the painting is great, but my love life is crap!” I said.


Maybe I over-reacted. Miracle looked pretty upset, and I didn’t mean to make her feel bad, too. I just couldn’t keep it inside me anymore.

“Well, there are plenty of men!” she said. “If it’s not working out with Demie, how about meeting someone else?”

The next morning, I decided to follow her advice. I met the mailman, who turned out to be mean. No thanks. And I met Paolo, who turns out to have quite a reputation as a partier. Not the best influence for my kids.

Miracle, who showed up again on her morning jog, flashed me a look that said it all, “Don’t settle. And don’t give up.”


You know, here I am, a grown woman with two kids. You’d think I’d have learned that by now. Well, at least I can learn it now. And one thing I’ve discovered is that I don’t stay frustrated forever.


Though romance is a big part of my life, there is so much more that brings me joy and satisfaction, also. There’s painting, of course.

And I love to see Nicholas feeling happy, though I must admit I sometimes wonder what he’s snickering at.


And the other day, I heard swearing and then all the chess pieces had been knocked over.


I heard Noelle say, “Winning isn’t all that important. It’s more important what you learn.”

And he made a few jokes about dunderheads and llama-brains, so I guess it worked out ok.

There’s this new guy I met–Jacoby. I’m still trying to decide how I feel about him.


He has traits that I really like: he’s active, creative, and ambitious. I like that! Those seem like good qualities for my kids to be around, and his personality feels pretty compatible with mine.

I’m not really sure how he feels about me. He’ll come over the moment I invite him–unlike Demie, who’s always busy. But I can’t tell if he’s interested.


On Saturday, Noelle dressed up in her old burger uniform–she likes to play that she’s a professional cook–then she made me tacos. Jacoby sat there and watched me eat, like it was a cooking show or something!

“How is it, Mom?” Noelle asked.

“Five stars!” I replied. “Do you want some, Jacoby?”

“No thanks,” he said. “It smells delicious, but I just brushed my teeth. Used mint mouthwash, too.”

Then on Sunday, right after I’d invited Jacoby over, Demie shows up! They introduced themselves to each other on the porch, and then I heard raised voices.


“Were you yelling at Jacoby?” I asked Demie.

“No. Well. Ok, what if I was?” Demie said. “What is he doing here?”

“I invited him,” I replied. “It’s not like you’ve been able to come over when I’ve invited you. I mean, I’m glad you’re here, but this is the first time I’ve seen you in days!”


Demie must have felt guilty because he took out the trash. That was really considerate of him. Maybe that’s his way of showing he cares–getting jealous when I have friends over and then doing something helpful around the house.


Jacoby had to leave, but Demie stayed while Marlene and Rhea dropped by. We hung out with Noelle, who kept us laughing with fast-food jokes.


And then, before I even had a chance to properly thank Demie, he left. And it was “Girls’ Day Sunday.”


I think I need to find a man who speaks the same Love Language as me. Or at least somebody who’s bilingual!