HFH: Roxie’s Best Plum Day Ever!

Roxanna and Free-Jon have been laughing nonstop all evening–I mean, fall-down, hiccup-causing, nonstop giggles.

“I think I ate a plum!” Roxie says, and they both collapse in laughter.


“This is the best Plum Day ever,” said Roxie.

“Have you ever celebrated Plum Day before?” I asked her.

“No,” she replied. “But this one is the best ever for sure!”

We started the morning with presents.

“Mom, this is the best ever,” Free told me as he opened his gift from Elder and me. Chewy-ba-ba, the toy we gave him, has become his new inseparable.


He took Chewy-ba-ba with him to Emma’s birthday party, which just happened to fall on Plum Day this year.


“It’s a Plum Day miracle,” he told Chewy. “Birthdays, and plums, and parties, and presents–all in a day!”


At Emma’s party I glanced into the living room on my way to the kitchen. Emelia was telling a story about a giant plum at the center of the universe.

I had to smile, seeing how our family had grown so large that we could fill a whole living room!


Uncle Jacob catered and baked a chocolate ganache cake for Emma. After Aya’s, Emma’s birthday is the next in a long string of birthdays. All of us original hippies are becoming adults.


Emma didn’t let her birthday or Plum Day stop her from doing the dishes. She’s got adulting down.


When we got home from Emma’s birthday party, it was time for our own Plum Day party.

“This is why Plum Day is so awesome,” Roxie said. “Two parties in one day.”

Forrest showed Roxie and Free how to do the hippie-groove dance.

“We got these moves down,” said Free.


“We keep getting more presents,” said Tani. “No matter how many we open, they just keep showing up!”


“I never had presents before,” said Roxie when she joined us. “But I’d have a great Plum Day even if I never had a single present!”

“You would?” asked Free.

“Well, maybe I’d like just one. Like a new hat! Or maybe a telephone, so I can call all my new friends. But what I’m saying is that Plum Day’s not about the presents.”


“Who’s up for a game of chess?” Uncle Jacob called from the foyer.

“I’ll play!” said Free.

Uncle Jacob’s not really used to mischievous kids. I was pretty good when he raised me–it took moving out and living with Tani, Emma, and Gray to activate my mischievous side.

“What do you call it when your knight and your rook change sides?” Free asked. “‘There’s a horse in my castle!’


We had more guests than we had places at the table, so some folks sat at the round table, and some sat in the living room. As I joined Elder at the table, I noticed that we were seated at the head and the foot–just like regular hosts!


“This is pretty much the best breakfast scramble I’ve ever had for supper on Plum Day,” said Roxie.

“Have you ever had breakfast scramble for supper on Plum Day before?” I asked her.

“No, never!” she said. “I’ve never even had breakfast scramble before, not even for breakfast!”

“Well, I have had breakfast scramble before,” said Olivia, “for breakfast, lunch, and supper! And this really is the best ever! And I’ve even had a lot of Plum Day celebrations. And I know for sure, this is the best Plum Day Ever!”


“Ever?” asked Roxie. “In your whole long life?”

“Ever,” replied Olivia. “And now that you’re here, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it’s just the first in a long string of best evers.”

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