Open House Guest List

Thank you to the following Simmers/readers who came to the Open House at Cradle Rock:

BBQPenguinWings: Sims – Miss Penguin and Baby P | A Penguin’s Adventure in Simming

CharmingMaruska: Sim – Eudora Rossini |  More than a Princess: The Rossini Family Legacy

Cici783: Sim – Evelyn Lusk

Cyazurai/Seraphaeli: Sim – Sean Parodi | What are you even doing?

Derubelle: Sim – Derubelle | Life is for the Living

DreamsInPixels: Sim –  Rose  | Requiem

Eddie Sims: Sim – Eddie Sims | Sloane Legacy

eXokamikaze: Sim – eXo Ninja | Ninjapig Sims

iheartdinosx3: Sim – Harley Belle | The Belle Legacy

Jes2G: Sim – Jessica Brown |  Jes2G Stories

JoieWilder: Sim – Joie Wilder |  The Thoreau Legacy | Building Us and The More the Wilder

KitDragonFlight: Sim – Kit DragonFlight | The Adventures of Makenna LaSalle

Meggles: Sim – Aya Ikeda |  MeggSims

NoaLyn: Sim – Noa Lyn | The Sims of NoaLyn

OhRenSims: Sim – Ren | The Waite Legacy

PeachyKeen88: Sim – Peachy |  The Hasslich Prettacy

Pegasus143/MakPlays: Sim – Mak Plays | makplays

ra3rei: Sim – Rae Rai | Raerei’s Fortress

sabreene: Sim – Sabreene |  Distractedly Daydreaming

ShannonSimsFan: Sims – Shannon SimsFan and John | Simdale Valley Post

simlady36: Sim – Cathrine Henry |  simlady36’s blog

SummerFalls: Sim – Joel | SummerFalls Stories

ThePlumbob: Sim – Marketa Plumbob | The Bloomer Legacy

VanityHigh: Sim – Debbie Van High |  VanityHigh Sim Stories

Xanethemar (Kitten Nell) | Insane Sims