Open House: Sacks of Turnips

Thank you to OhRenSims for providing the gist of her conversation with Sugar.

Derubelle was explaining to Rose how many chapters there were in the Goofy Love legacy.

“Why, if each chapter were a sack of turnips, and you stacked them up, one on top of the other, they’d reach WAY up here!” she said.

“Oh! I see!” said Rose. “But why turnips?”


And the clay really is amazing.


For Aya, thinking of all the family member who had gone before became too much.

“Oh,” she said to Evelyn Lusk, “this just hits so close to home.”

“Really?” asked Evelyn.

“Yes,” said Aya, in between sobs. “My own family!”

“That’s a consequence of living forever,” Rose said, and she explained to Evelyn that Aya, like Sugar, was a generation six spare who chose to live through the end of the legacy.


After Evelyn and Derubelle changed into their everyday clothes, they enjoyed a meal together on the patio.

“I never realized how much legacy Sims go through,” Evelyn said.

“It’s a tough road,” admitted Derubelle. “Nothing that a dish of glazed turnips wouldn’t make a bit sweeter, though!”


Peachy Keen was pointing out to Noa Lynn, Kitten Nell, and Sugar how much better legacy Sims had it compared to prettacy Sims.

“First of all,” Peachy said, “they can marry anyone! They don’t have to look around for the best looking face in the neighborhood!”

“Oh! I see!” said Noa Lyn. “And, true, when you look at who the Boughs have chosen, you can see that they didn’t always settle for the best looks!”


Kitten Nell laughed to herself as she thought about the look on Sugar’s face when Noa made that remark. One thing both true love legacies and prettacies will teach you, she thought, is that beauty isn’t in the pixels! It’s in the coding.


Mak headed up to use the microscope–looking at it logically, she realized it was very natural that there would be so many tombstones lining the property. Ten generations is a lot, after all, and they don’t just happen magically!


Rose found J.P. in the outdoor kitchen. “What is the magical ingredient you put in this clay?” she asked. “Stardust?”


Shannon SimsFan took advantage of a quiet moment to meet little Squid. They shared a soulful look, saying more through that moment’s connection than can be shared through any number of words.


Through it all, JRose danced, joined now by onezero.


Ren was on her way to share with Sugar something she’d been wanting to say for a long time.

“Ren!” Sugar said. “So glad you’re here!”

“Oh, Sugar!” Ren said, “Thank you for being such a wonderful influence in my life. Oh, by the way, did you hear the joke about the llama and the turnip?”

“Yes, Ren! I think you did tell me that one a time or two!”

“Ah, yes!” said Ren. “So I did! Then let’s talk about autonomy! How do you decide what you want to do, and when you want to do it?”


“Ready or not, here I come!” called Debbie Van High, who spied Red hiding behind the bar. “Forty, forty, I see you!”

“Just looking for some more clay,” said Redbud. “I thought we kept a stash back here!”


The music kept flowing, singing through JRose and onezero.

“It’s like moving to starlight, isn’t it, JRose?” onezero asked.


Mak realized that no amount of logical thinking could take away the sadness. “Oh, Tomas!” she wept. “You came so close to making it  to the end!”


“Let’s dance in silence for a moment,” said eXo, “to remember. I’m dancing for Tam.”

“For Tam,” said onezero, “my true sister.”

“For Tam,” said Eddie, “and for everyone, in this legacy, and all the legacies.”


Sean remembered her own ISBI Sims. Exra would like it here, she thought.


In the background, Mesquite told the jokes he’d learned through the generations, while the family danced with their friends and guests.

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I arrived at the end of the party.

“Hey, Kit!” I said. “How’s it going?”

“We’re getting maudlin,” she replied.

“Oh, dear! Enough of that! Let’s spark this place up!”


While I headed over to chat with the dancers, Sugar came to cheer up the folks at the bar.

“Don’t worry, Rae,” she called. “That drink may be empty, but we’ve got plenty more!”


“So you know, Red,” I said, “I was thinking maybe we should have a sort of big finale thank-you for all the readers. What do you think?”

“Great idea!” said Red.


“But what should it be?”


“How about if we just say thank you, from our heart, and good-bye?” Red suggested.

“You think?”

“Short and sweet!

“Bye, everyone!” said Sean. “Thanks for everything! It’s time for us all to go!”


Mak took one last look at the long line of tombstones. “I still say that’s a lot of visits from Grim,” she said.


Ren, who’s staying the night, joined onezero at the bar.

“Do you guys party like this every night?” Ren asked.

“Only when the spirit moves us,” replied Mesquite’s ghost. “And the spirit moved us tonight.”


And so dear readers and friends, this concludes the Goofy Love legacy. My heart’s full of love and gratitude for each of you who have read the story of these Sims. Thank you for joining us on this adventure.

And now… Let’s get ready for what’s next! “New World Symphony” will premier January 2016! The Boughs, the celebration party guests, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Hip-hip-hooray! And the Bough will never break.

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