Open House: Thirty-one Flavors

Thank you Pegasus143 (Mak Plays) for providing the words that Mak says to Sempervirens, to ra3rei for providing Rae’s words to onezero, and to iheartdinosx3 for suggesting Harley’s topics of conversation. 

Eudora Rossini was thinking how very different arid Cradle Rock was from the lush green world that she knew as home. And yet… there was something so familiar about it, too.


It was a feeling. That was what was familiar. It felt like… love.


When you’re silent and still inside, sometimes that’s when love speaks the loudest.

Mak took a moment to feel all she felt in her heart, looking at that long line of tombstones, and then she headed inside to meet the baby.


“You’re a cute little one,” Mak told Vi, who laughed and laughed. “A new leaf on your family tree! I hope that you help that tree stand the test of time, just as the rest of your family has.”


Harley Belle found Eddie Sims in the kids room.

“Now, Eddie,” she said, “I know you read literally everything. And I mean everything! But have you been keeping up on the news in my family?”


“Well,” said Eddie, “why don’t you tell me about it? It’s always better to hear directly from someone who has actually lived the story!”

And Harley launched into a big tale about how she’d won the heirship and it was such an honor but how she was so ready because she’d completed TWO childhood aspirations and earned an A in school, and besides. She had won the heir poll.

“That’s a really big deal!” Eddie said.


Outside, JRose found the dancing spot, where Aspen, Salix, Tam, Red, and Cypress all had danced before her.


Rae and onezero met over the chessboard.

“I’ve been waiting all time forward and all time back for this moment,” onezero told Rae. “We’ve only met a thousand times before and this time, it’s nice to do it in person!”


“Do you know what you feel like?” onezero asked Rae. “”You feel like home and adventure in a sandwich!”

“And you feel like fizzy starlight to me,” replied Rae. “I don’t think we have met. But you’re the best friend of of my simdaughter Penelope and you’ve made a huge difference in both our lives.”


“What’s this?” Sugar asked. “Is this the famous Rae Rei? Is this the one on whose hard-drive your split-off child self is living, onez?”

“That would be her,” onezero answered.


“It’s you!” Sugar yelled. “Thank you! You’ve made such a difference in onez’s life! Just knowing that her kid-self is there having great adventures with her best friend Penelope has really helped onezero. Thank you so much!”

“It’s our pleasure!” said Rae.


Debbie Van High found baby Squid and sang her a Scottish lullabye.


And Sabreene came and sang her a song that sounded like the waves on a sunny California shore.


While some greeted the newest, Aya remembered those who’d left.


While some grieve, the dance goes on.


“I know you!” onezero told Joie Wilder. “You’ve been reading our whole legacy in the past month! Every single post! You’re like some master of reading!”


“I’ve loved reading your story,” Joie said. “It’s a different kind of legacy, but it’s been really fun!”


“We only exist because of readers,” onezero replied in her high echoing voice. “If it weren’t for your imaginations, all our binary pulses would wither and freeze. Not a zero! Not a one.”

Noa Lyn found JRose out by the pool.

“So this is where they dance!” Noa Lyn said.


“Clay!” said Sean. “Clay!”


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