Cocoa Tea Kids: Chapter 1


I’m Alyse Heish-Pigglewiggle Tea, but that’s too long a name for any mouth but a chatterbox’s so everybody calls me Alyse Cocoa Tea.

People say that me and my brother were a surprise, and that’s probably right because I always like to jump out and shout “Surprise” whenever it starts to get a little bit boring. Shake it up, I say, keep it hopping!

Hang on a sec. I gotta check my texts.


Huh! That was from the Queen! She wants to know if I can drop by Buckingham Palace to test out her new marmalade, because it is widely known that I am the best marmalade tester. Plus I’m also a dear friend of the Queen–that would be Elizabeth. I’ll see if I can fit this into my day.

I’m pretty busy.

My brother, that would be Beau Tea, and I just formed a club. Well, I formed the club, and then I asked him to join.

“It would be an honor to be in your club!” he said.


My brother really does talk like that. He’s a genius.

“What’s our mission? Do we get to explore and learn new things?”

“Let’s do all the fun things! We’ll play chess and do homework and read!”


“And jokes?”

“Yeah, jokes are good.”

“What shall we call the club?” he asked.

“Homework and stuff?” I suggested.

“That’s unoriginal!” he said. “How about Cocoa Tea Kids? You can sing it.”

And he did: Co-Co Tee Kids! Up and down the scale!


We also decided that we’d be friendly to everybody, because, after all, what’s the good of a club if you can’t go around meeting people and being friendly? That’s what clubs are for, silly!

“Let’s turn off the tv right now and start clubbing!” Beau Tea said, that’s just what we did.


It’s not exactly a chess club, but chess is mostly what we do. Geniuses, you know.

Excuse me a sec. I gotta check my texts.


Well, that’s interesting! Seems that one of the guards at Buckingham Palace woke up with the laughing fits, so they want to know if I can fill in. Let me just finish this move.  And then I’ve got a few other things to do, too.


There’s more to clubbing than playing chess.


There’s also homework!

Homework is kind of hard sometimes. All those words!


“What’s up, butterfly?” my mom asked me.

“Oh, it’s just the club,” I said. “It’s got me down.”

“Well, a little homework ought to cheer you right up,” my dad said.

“For sure!” said my mom. “You could illustrate your vocabulary list! That’s fun!”


So I drew llamas next to the word “valiant” and unicorns next to the word “reality,” and before I knew it, my club was going really well.


Then my dad started saying silly stuff about breakfast scramble and cooks and hot stoves, and I figured it was time for the club to move onto the dining part of the meeting.


“I have just discovered the world’s best chess opening!” Beau Tea said over snack. “And it’s not the Ruy Lopez, after all! It’s the Llama Doodle!”


“Hang on a sec, Beau Tea,” I said. “I gotta check my text.”


It was just Buckingham Palace saying that they don’t need me to be the guard today after all. The Mad Hatter was available, so he stepped in.

“So does that mean you’ve got time for another game of chess?” my brother asked me.


“I guess so!” I replied.


I like knowing that all’s right in the world, with Buckingham Palace and the queen and the guards and the marmalade and all. It’s busy keeping track of everything, but that’s how I like it.