New World Symphony: Notes and Thoughts

This is my 500th post!

I’m having so much fun discovering the Boughs in a neighborhood rotation. They seem to be having fun exploring their new lives, too!

Neighborhood rotations offer a different pace from challenge play. I’ve turned aging off, and I’m using MC Command Center. This mod’s story progression helps Sims get married and have families, even when they’re not being played. Since the mod offers protection from culling and relationship culling, we’re all enjoying the freedom of being able to visit lots, play freely, and enjoy surprises.

I had originally intended that I’d pull this story a little closer to realism. I’d planned on focusing on the small moments and little decisions that make up daily life, without regard to game-awareness or magic.


But the game had other things in mind. For one thing, Sugar Maple simply is magic in and of herself! She’s begun to show up at the edge of neighborhoods, playing her violin or guitar, as if she really is summoning magic in through the crack between worlds.

Both the pre-Get-Together patch and MC Command Center introduce even more autonomy. Sugar and Renn delighted me in autonomously getting together as a couple and getting engaged.

I’m eager to see what other autonomous relationships happen–especially when I’m not playing the individuals. Will Jeffrey Pine find a romantic interest? And what about onezero?

Now that I’m able to switch aspirations for Sims, we’re able to help many of these individuals feel more fulfilled: J.P. is happily becoming a renaissance Sim; onezero loves pursuing painting; and Cypress is delighted to become a master gardener.

The most magical surprise so far is the introduction of Jaclyn Ball. This hobbit-elf is game-generated. Imagine how surprised I was when I saw her as the mixologist at the Blue Velvet when Redbud went there to meet CT.


Where did this lovely Sim come from?

Her traits are perfect for her: goofball, loves the outdoors, noncommittal. Her skills are also so well-suited for her: her mischief skill is maxed!

A gift like this is too good to ignore! So, Jaclyn has been moved into one of TheKalinotrOn’s magical builds, and now she’s part of the rotation.

And I’m excited about this infusion of magic into the game and the story!

I’ve finished the first round in the rotation. We’re still at the beginning. What new surprises wait?