New World Symphony: Author’s Gossip

I want to share some of the behind-the-scenes scoop from the last few chapters with you because neat stuff is happening in the game!

Firstly and most importantly, Jeffrey Pine is in love! This was such a huge surprise to me, and it was all autonomous.

While I was taking photos of Jaclyn during her reflexology (she’s just so cute!), J. P. was talking with Wade (Remember the Park Boy of the Wade and Jade Hour?) and the yoga instructor, Floyd Cloud.

Then, after Jaclyn’s reflexology treatment ended, I looked at the panel for J. P., and it had Floyd’s icon up in the queue, while they were walking towards the steam room with the cutest grins on their faces. I moused over the queue, and it said, “Woohoo with…”


I was so surprised! J. P. has the “Incredibly Friendly” bonus trait, so he makes friends after an introduction, but I was really surprised to see that he and Floyd had initiated enough romantic interactions to be lovebirds–all on their own!

Floyd had to go teach his yoga class before he and J. P. had a chance to go into the steam room together, but they were already sold on each other!

The next day, J. P. rolled the wish to ask Floyd to be his boyfriend.

Floyd, as an NPC yoga instructor, really was busy every single time we called! I tried moving him into Mesquite’s house at Oasis Springs–but he was still busy! Fortunately, he’ll stop what he’s doing to come to club meetings and dates, so J. P. was able to see him and get to know him better.

I’m thrilled. They seem so perfect together. Floyd is good, family-oriented, and squeamish (LOL!), with the soul-mate aspiration. J. P. is crazy about him.


Just the other day, I’d been wondering if maybe J. P. was gay. I’d been watching his body language when he talked with male Sims, and it seemed like he might be. I also thought that he might be asexual, like a lot of my Sims tend to be, including his uncle Alder.

I’m really happy with this new development, though, and, obviously, J. P. is, too!

The game is generating some really neat names! In addition to Floyd Cloud (how perfect is that name?), we also have a massage therapist named Lyric Rock!

And, on a strange note, with the exception of Floyd, the other staff members of the community wellness center are insane, evil, or both! (And in their free time, they love to clean the fish tank. That reminds me of Remington the maid in TS2! He’d clean the fish tank–and nothing else–from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. when it was time to go. We finally had to marry him into the family to get him to stop cleaning that thing. And then he spent all his time playing with the fish! Remember clam-hands?)