New World Symphony: Freezer Bunny Interlude

I invited Joel and Kit over under the auspices of planning our new project, Freezer Bunny Dating Franchises, but I really had a different reason for wanting them to drop by.


“This. Project. Sounds. AWESOME!” Kit squealed.

“I know! I’m so excited!” I said. The idea for Freezer Bunny Dating Franchises came to us when Joel and Kit were tweeting about how hard it was for Kit to find a match for Candy. We talked about how people like this could really use a dating service, and then, next thing we knew, we’d come up with Freezer Bunny Dating Franchises.

Joel created our logo:


We decided that we’d each create our own approach.

Joel described the style he wants to use in his franchise, Seasons of Love. “I’ll probably run a program where I let the people go around town and socialize for a while before I ask the people they’ve met what they think about them and if any return positive, I’ll ask them about the ones who like them. If the person likes them back then… <3.”

“I know that love comes to people in different ways,” I said. “I think I’ll run my franchise in a ‘you-choose’ way. Romances are pursued if they happen naturally. Because of that, some participants may not find romantic love. Everyone will have the opportunity to discover their own style of love, and that might not be romantic love!”


“I already have some AWESOME ideas brewing!” Kit said. “I love the name ‘Love like a Dragon’ for my franchise! A dragon, as most would say, is eternal, everlasting. They live forever. And while we may not be eternal, our love can be. ‘Love Like A Dragon’ is about finding your perfect companion, and while we cannot always guarantee the two of you will always get along, it will be eternal. Love isn’t always about hearts and fairytales. It’s about hard work, loyalty, and, at the end of the day, standing side by side, together.”


“So what do we need to do before we open, guys?” I asked.

“I guess we need to add a bit more to the company website,” Joel said. “And I’ve got a bit of building to do to get the facilities ready for my franchise.”

“I just want to fly on this wave of inspiration,” Kit said. “These ideas are so AMAZING!”


“I think it’s going to be really neat to see how this develops,” I said. “Plus, as the program grows, we can see if anyone else wants to open franchises!”


“OH!” Kit said, “And I just thought of something, when we get the buildings built, lets include pics of them in our posts on the thread, as sort of a visual aid! With our spokespersons outside of them!”

She ran over to the computer and started working on the company website.

“Joel,” I said, “I think this going to be great. I always love working with you–you’ve got great ideas, incredible follow-through, and you’re so inspiring! And now to have Kit join us on this project, it’s super great!”


“Yay! Let the happiness and the love begin!” Joel said.

I headed into the kitchen so I could work on the real reason I’d invited them over.


Cake! Joel’s birthday was just a few days ago, and Kit’s is coming up in a few days, and I wanted to have a quiet celebration with both of them.

Voila! The cake was ready.

“Guys!” I called. “Cake! It’s sugar-free, and it’s delicious! It’s actually sweetened with organic dates and made with oat flour, so it’s super sweet and has a lovely texture. Anyway, come eat!”


“Oh, that does look good, CT,” said Joel.

“I’m coming!” yelled Kit. “Save me a piece with lots of glaze!”


Joel strolled out, basking in the birthday glow. I caught a bit of his excitement–sixteen! What an incredible age to be, with all that enthusiasm and so many exciting projects ahead of one!


Kit came out looking radiant–that birthday energy! She, too, is right there, moving into all the excitement and enthusiasm of life.


How lucky that we get to work together on projects! How much fun it is to share ideas and enthusiasm and stories!

We had a quiet party, enjoying our cake, appreciating each other’s company, sharing ideas, and dreams, and silence, and a whole universeful of gratitude.

And then, after midnight, it was time for the birthday kids to go home. They had classes the next morning.


I sat alone on the patio, full of the feeling of thanks–for friends, for projects, for enthusiasm, for youth, for experience, for the sound of laughter and conversation, and for the oncoming silence that surrounds it all.

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Author’s notes: Freezer Bunny Dating Franchises is a real thing! You can find our blog at There are lots of ways to become involved: send your Sim to one of our franchises or open a franchise of your own! Visit the blog or check out our thread on the EA Sims Forums for the full details.