New World Symphony: More Gossip

Oh, boy! I was so excited to see this mixologist at the bar, especially when his first action was to flirt with CT!


It must have been a low-key flirt, though, because while they became friends right away, and full-green-bar friends within an hour or two Sim-time, they didn’t gain a romance bar.

I played CT for a while, just free, loose, fun playing, with no story in mind, just old-style, have-fun play. We invited Davion the mixologist over a lot, and they continued to be great friends. But not once did he come over flirty, and not once did CT roll a whim for any Davion-socials other than the usual friendly ones.

About this time, I realized that Davion looked a lot like gnome. It tickled me because he showed up as a mixologist, and that’s how Jaclyn, our hobbit-elf, came into the game.

When Cypress invited CT to hang out at the bluffs with the other members of Greenies, Cypress’s gardening club, CT asked Davion to come along. CT was chatting with Cypress, ShannonSimsFan, and John when I noticed that Jaclyn, taking a dip in swimming hole, and Davion seemed to be having a very friendly conversation.

During the next game-play session, I decided to play Davion. I realized that it made sense, story-wise, for him to be moved into a house, especially if he is indeed a gnome, here to help Jaclyn with her mission of ushering magic into the New World. Also, I wanted to see if maybe Davion were rolling CT-related romantic whims.

Imagine my delight when I looked at Davion’s relationship bar and discovered that he and Jaclyn were lovebirds, all on their own! How divine is that!

In addition, Davion was rolling romantic whims for Jaclyn!

Now Davion is gloomy, creative, and loves music. Jaclyn is a goofball, noncommittal, and loves outdoors. Goofball and gloomy Sims are compatible, for goofballs (and cheerful Sims) can listen to gloomy Sims share melancholy thoughts without being brought down themselves, and the playfulness of goofballs helps to cheer up gloomy Sims when they’re feeling sad.

I was curious to see how Jaclyn’s noncommittal trait would affect their romance. After Davion initiates a romantic interaction, Jaclyn will often talk about her fear of commitment. During the early stages of their relationship, this increased their romantic relationship.

When Davion sent Jaclyn a happy text, she invited him to the park. And then, autonomously, she asked him to become her boyfriend! I was so happy, since I never like to push noncommittal Sims into romantic partnerships. At this point, when Jaclyn shared her fear of commitment, their romantic relationship went down a bit–but they always bring it right back up again with a few autonomous flirts and tickles. Most of the cuteness that you see between the two of them in the previous chapter happened all on their own, with me just sitting back and snapping photos like a paparazzi.


It’s even more magical to me that it happened on Valentine’s Day! I just love this game and the magic it brings! Who could believe that it would create a gnome for our funny little hobbit-elf, and that the two of them would fall in love, all on their own?

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