Wonder 10



Chazzie did this drawing. He calls it his Triangle Study. I was glad to see that there weren’t any triangles in it.

“Nice use of macaroni,” I told him that morning.

“Hey, Tia Berry!” he called back. “Could you make me macaroni for lunch?”


“We’ll see,” I replied.

“Please?” he said. “I saved some in the box. And I didn’t get any glitter in it!”

“Oh,” I said, “maybe I should make macaroni and glitter! Wouldn’t you like a sparkly lunch?”


After breakfast, Chaz went out to play. I was really glad to see him outdoors. He’d been on the computer practically nonstop for since Monday evening.

Mae-mae says that we need to trust his own natural process of learning and discovery, and I guess she’s right.


After lunch, Trey Triceratops, Pony Po, and Chazzie played near the easel while I was painting.

Chazzie was teaching Trey how to add. Po didn’t have to attend the lessons because he already knew that you bang your hoof seven times for three plus four. But Po listened in anyway, “Because he finds numbers fascinating.”

“Now, Trey,” Chazzie explained, “it really does serve a purpose to understand numbers. Can you feel them? Try. That’s what Tia Berry does. No? Can you see them? That’s what I do. No? OK, Trey. You do what makes sense to you.”

“I eat them,” grumbled Trey.


While I was putting the finishing touches on a small architectural study, Chazzie said to me, “You know what happens to mathematics when you eat up all the numbers?”

“No,” I replied.

“You get a null set,” he said, and giggled.


I went inside and googled “null set.” Holy cow! Where does this boy get this stuff?


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