Charlie’s Childhood Score Chart


I’m fairly happy with Wonder Child score of 165 that Charlie, Mae, Berry, and I earned for Charlie’s childhood, and we’ll see how many more points we can earn over his next fourteen teen days.

I can easily identify ten points that we missed out on: I’d forgotten that we earned points f0r every day after the child earns an A in school, and so, because I waited several days to send Charlie to school, we earned three instead of eight points in this category. (Emma, my previous Wonder Child, earned eight grade-related points.)

We also didn’t earn the five gold-medal birthday party points. I’m not sure what it is with Wonder Child birthday parties: Emma and I never scored gold medal birthdays. In my other Sim games,  we nearly always have gold medal birthdays!

I was really happy with the way the skilling trick worked, even though the Keyboard Commander/Creative trick didn’t work at first. It did eventually, so I learned a lot, and that makes it worth it!

Because the super skilling trick worked so well, the aspirations were a breeze to complete–too bad we don’t earn bonuses when they’re completed days before birthday.

I was also happy with the order in which I chose the bonus traits. I used to always purchase Steel Bladder as soon as possible, since it saves so much time. But Incredibly Friendly makes the best first purchase, I feel, because it makes completing the Social Butterfly aspiration a breeze. Friends are made at the introduction or within a few interactions.

Morning Sim and Night Owl are also good investments, as they speed up the skilling and provide positive moodlets. (We’ve purchased Night Owl, but since Charlie will need to go to school for his first few days as a teen, we haven’t yet bought Morning Sim.)

I’m super happy that I chose the glutton trait for Charlie: He learns fast! Most of the other glutton children that I’ve played (Sugar Maple, onezero, and Redbud) were also fast learners. I don’t recall that Ironwood, the first glutton I played, learned all that quickly, but back then I hadn’t yet discovered what a great trait glutton is. (I was thinking more Seven Deadly Sins than Zest for Life back then.) Two of the key advantages with a glutton are that they get good moodlets when they drink Zzz-juice, and they eat so quickly that dining doesn’t take much time away from skilling.

And there’s something about a glutton’s zest that is truly delightful! Perfect for a Wonder Child.

Here’s the breakdown for Charlie’s points (Scoring is found at Pinstar’s Official Wonder Child page):

Days to childhood after earing an  A – 3 for 3 points
Silver birthday party – 0 points
Aspirations – 4 for 4 points

Traits: – 9 for 90 points
Creatively Gifted
Physically Gifted
Socially Gifted
Mentally Gifted
Night Owl
Steel Bladder
Incredibly Friendly

Skills (1 point for each skill, plus 3 bonus points for every maxed skill) – 72 points
Charisma – 4
Logic – 7
Piano – 2
Video Gaming – 3
Violin – 9
Social – 10 + 3
Mental – 10 + 3
Creative – 10 + 3
Physical – 10 + 3

Skill points: 72
Traits: 90
Grade Points: 3
Birthday Party: 0
Total: 165


So, I could have done better, but overall, we did ok.

And as for Charlie, what a cool Sim he is! Can’t wait to get to know him better as a teen!


Oh! And on the silly news front: Charlie got a call from his dad the day before his birthday asking if he wanted to join Partihaus. We said yes! 😀

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