Summer Camp, pt. 6

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“Let’s go and find some waterfalls!” Gerald exclaimed, marching off in the direction that he thought they were in.

Waikika ran behind him with a smile on her face. She knew that she wanted to be the first one to find a waterfall even though it wasn’t supposed to be a competition. She also had an idea for how to find one first.


Once they reached the hill that sat near the camp, she veered off towards some tall grass instead of following the trail like Gerald was. Plants needed water, and what better way to find some than following their green leaves to some… right? Then all she would have to do was follow the water upstream until she came to a waterfall.


Behind them, Cadence was struggling to keep up with her older sister’s pace, though Joel and the other kids were still a bit behind her yet.


It turned out that the trail led directly to the waterfall… which meant that Gerald got there first. Waikika’s strategy did eventually lead her there, though she was disappointed when she came around the bend to find that Gerald’s smiling face was already there.

Cadence walked up to them, tired from running. “Wow,” she said when she saw the waterfall. Waikika and Gerald turned and really looked at it. Then Waikika realized that this shouldn’t be a competition- anything as beautiful as this waterfall was something that everyone deserved to feel good about seeing, whether they got there first or not.


Hahon ran ahead to try to find the next waterfall.


It was a bit farther from the last one, and he was about to give up when he came to the edge of a field and saw it on the other side.


When he turned around, he saw that Blake and Gerald weren’t too far behind him, so he waited a couple minutes for them to catch up.



The three of them stopped just before the spot where grass turned to dirt and sand so that they wouldn’t accidentally trample the wildflowers that were growing there.


Hahon loved the way that the rocks added extra ripples that slowly faded away as the river rushed on.


Cadence noticed that the boys had found another waterfall, so she and Waikika started running to catch up with them.


When she reached them, the boys were telling jokes. “Why did the chicken cross the waterfall?” Gerald asked.


“Uhh… to get to the other side?” Hahon answered, which was met with chuckles from Blake and Cadence.

“You’re too good at this,” Gerald replied, though the gleam in his eyes showed that he meant it as a joke.

Waikika already had an idea of where the next waterfall was and wanted to start heading in that direction. “Do any of you guys want to come with me to find the next waterfall?” she asked.


Cadence and Gerald volunteered to come with, so the three of them started running.




When they finally reached the waterfall, they yelled to Blake and Hahon, who found a much shorter path to get to the waterfall.


“I have an idea! Let’s go get our toes wet!” Cadence said, heading closer to the water before taking her shoes and socks off and rolling up her jeans.


This stretch of the river was a lot shallower, so they were easily able to wade across it, though Waikika didn’t want to once she saw how green it was.


While they were wading, Hahon whispered to Cadence about another place where he was pretty sure that there was a waterfall. “You go ahead to make sure that it’s actually there, okay?” he said, and she nodded in agreement. After quickly putting her shoes back on and putting her socks in her back pocket, she set off in search of the final waterfall.


When she reached the edge of the hill that Hahon had described to her, she found it: the biggest waterfall that she had ever seen in real life. “I found it!” she called out, and the rest of the kids came running. None of them really knew what to say because it was so magnificent.


“I’m glad that I’ve got a smart big brother like you,” Cadence said as she and Hahon hugged.

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