Whisper 2.03

Dear Mom,

You used to always say that just when life got back to normal, it would go strange again, but that you never minded because you learned to love strange.

I never knew what you meant, for life was always life for me, just the way it was.

But after today, I get it.


While the kids were at school, I headed into town to take a writing class offered through the community extension. It was so much fun! Now I understand why you loved to write so much, and I’ve decided: I want to become a professional writer.

But that’s not the strange part. The strange part is that when I came out, I saw Ms. Crumplebottom. Mom, the weird part is that she’d was all charred, like she’d been hit by lightning. As soon as she saw me, she raced over. Before I could even ask her if she was OK, she started waving her wand and chanting.


Sorrow over
Never sorrow.
Wood for water
Hardship borrow.

That’s what she said, and she waved her wand at me. When the tingling sensation faded, I felt relief. My heart felt light, and I wasn’t sad anymore. Do you think she took away my grief with that spell?

When I got home, Patches and Bo were coming in from the garden. They were both crying for you.


I took them both in my arms. “Where does it hurt?” I asked them. Patches put her hand over her heart, and Bo grabbed his throat like he was choking. I set my hands on them, where they showed me. And we just stood there like that, breathing for a while.

“It’ll be OK,” Bo said. “We can go inside now.”

Mom, I felt you so strongly when we came inside.


I gathered all the dirty clothes to put in a load of laundry, and I imagined that it was just like before–that you were sitting in your rocker, thinking up some story to write next.


When I came back downstairs, I heard Bo say, “Is it cold there in the dark, Mom?”

It was you!


I ran out back, as quickly as I could. Sure enough, there was your memorial, just like before. But you were in the house, talking with Bo!


Mom! You really came back! Bo was right!

“How did you know?” Riley asked Bo. And do you know what he said, Mom?

“Shea told me, back when I was little. Plants never worry about winter or dark because they’ve got a light in them that keeps on no matter what. Then Uncle Shea winked and said that everyone was like that, only they didn’t know. Only plants know.”


So that’s why Bo was always looking for you; he knew you’d come back.

Will you be around always, Mom? I hope so.



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