Whisper 2.16

Hi, Shannon!

Thanks for writing. Are you sure you’re not moving here? I’d like your letter better if you said, “Puppies? I’m on my way!” But maybe you can come for a visit?

I like what you said about my brother breaking curfew: “Stupid laws were made to be followed by stupid people. Smart people invent their own rules.”

Bo sure would agree with that.

Have I told you he’s kind of a crazed maniac? He’s so weird.

I came downstairs the other night to find him cackling and saying, “My plan! My plan! It’s working! It’s working! Gather them together, the army of the ages!”


I just shook my head, just more of his craziness.

But when I went outside, I found all of the gnomes gathered together in the rain.


Mr. Snowman #1 was chuckling and humming.


And Mr. Snowman #2 seemed to be casting a spell.

They’d all gathered around to listen to the lecture given by one of the graduation gnomes I’d brought back from college with me, who seemed to be explaining the concept of half-lives.


So strange. And there was Bo inside, humming his little song.

Sometimes I forget that Bo is truly plant material. He got wilted at school the other day and missed the bus.

Patches said he just sat down on the dried grass and began doing his homework, looking parched at the edges.


I filled a bottle of water and took off to find him. By the time I got there, he was photosynthesizing.


He seemed quite chipper when we got home and immediately pulled out his homework to finish it.


I think you’d like him, Shannon, crazy as he is. He’s a daredevil like you, and everything he does, he does radically.

“Do they teach nuclear engineering at the university?” he asked the other day.

I felt proud–I mean, he’s only a sophomore in high school, and already he’s planning for college!

“What about chemical–err…. chemistry? Like toxicology?” he asked.


I told him it was a top-rate research university and that he’d be able to learn anything his heart desired.

So, Shannon, a few years, and he and Patches will be heading off to uni. I think maybe I’ll go with him. Maybe Riley will come, too. Promise me you’ll still be there, OK?

Love you. Miss you.


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