Sunshine Blogger: TheoriesofHappiness’s Questions

TheoriesofHappiness nominated my blog for a Sunshine Blogger award! Thanks, Theories!

You can find TheoriesofHappiness’s stories in his Cornucopia of SimLit. He writes interactive stories, a legacy, and many other stories. Check it out! 🙂

You can find my nominations at the acceptance page.

    1. Where do you see yourself (as a writer) in five years from now?
      Great question! I hope to still be writing at my job as a web editor (which really means I hope I’m still employed then and there, since if I am, I will be writing). I also hope to be writing more nonfiction, in particular nature or garden writing. Maybe I will start a garden blog in about three years…
    2. Where was your strongest area of growth as a writer?
      Oh, I LOVE this question! For me, this really means, “Where is my strongest area of growth as a person,” for writing, for me, comes from who I am as a person. At this particular moment, I don’t feel I’ve yet actualized what I hope to be my greatest area of growth, for I’ve just gone through a very intense time of personal development (prompted by a particularly challenging astrological transit), and so I haven’t yet completely integrated this growth into who I am or into my writing. I hope that my recent lessons in love and compassion find their way into my writing, so that I can say that my strongest area of growth as a writer is to present stories and characters compassionately, with love.
    3. Favorite part of writing? Is it the characters? The plot itself? Why?
      It’s the characters. I love to connect with them. It’s also the language–and the setting. There are times when I fall into describing something like a particular landscape or weather, and I feel myself there and I feel my language creating the effect of this landscape or this weather–that’s my bliss as a writer.
    4. Favorite mod or piece of CC for any Sim game?
      I do love MC Command Center! Gotta love something that helps us avoid culling of Sims, ghosts, and relationships!
    5. Who is your writer role-model?
      Oh! Lovely question! Currently, in SimLit, I’m enamored with the writing of  InfraGreen/Trip (Eight Cicadas) and Senna/rednenemon (The Racket-Rotter Chronicles). Remember my answer to question 2? Well, reading both of their stories was integral in my recent lessons in love and compassion. They also both demonstrate a writer’s bravery: they write about really challenging topics without flinching (or at least, without letting the reader see them flinch).
      In terms of balancing life, gaming, reading, writing, and other activities, my role-model is MakPlays/ pegasus143. In addition to being a talented writer with significant things to say about living true, she’s helped me find a way to fit all my activities and hobbies into a busy time for me, professionally.
      And friendsfan367 (known on the forums as my little sister) is another SimLit role model. The blossoming of her story and her writing style inspires me.
      In terms of traditional literature, I aspire to be as brave as Jane Austen, George Eliot, and Margaret Fuller. I’ve got a long ways to go, and they remind me that finding one’s truth is always worth the effort–and the costs. Heaven knows, they gave their all for that!
    6. Can you recite the English ABC’s backwards?
      Nope–or maybe. But it would make my brain hurt!
    7. Do you speak a second language? What is your primary and secondary language, if so?
    8. What’s your favorite food? Would you ever get sick of eating it?
      I love veggie wraps, and I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of eating them!
    9. Do you like video games? What’s your favorite game and why?
      Of course I love Sims! I love what they teach me about myself, others, and ways of being, and I love the stories that come out of them. I also really like the computer games that are part of Lumosity! I like how my brain feels after a Lumosity work-out.
    10. What’s your favorite part of the Simlit community?
      I love being inspired by other writers, reading works that change my world or that help me feel not alone in my experiences and perspectives, and I love to see the growth and development of writers. I also love the close friendships that I’ve seen develop between writers who inspire each other!
    11. Why do you use the blogging medium (wordpress, blogger, etc) that you use?
      I use WordPress because I love the WordPress community–It’s so fun to be able to follow other WordPress bloggers’ blogs and to “like” and comment on their posts. I also love WordPress’s selection of fonts and themes. And I love to be able to have multiple blogs! I think I currently have eight, though this one is by far the most active.
    12. What is your favorite screenshot to this day that you have taken in a Sims game? Why? Tag it on to your question so we can all see it too, if you have it still!
      Not sure if this is my all-time favorite (it’s so dark!), but I really love this screenshot of Marigold (from Whisper) having a tea party with a zombie! I love it because I’m afraid of zombies (very much) and Marigold taught me not to be! (She’s a zombie fan!)