Sunshine Blogger: Charliimai’s Questions

Thank you, Charliimai, for nominating my blog for a Sunshine Blogger award! Fly high, Puffclaws!

Charliimai is a member of the Phoenix Puffclaw Reading Circle. Her creativity and kindness give all of us so much! She created our name and mascot, designed our official Puffclaw outfits, and keeps us smiling with her friendly encouragement.

She’s the author of so many wonderful stories, including The SIMple Life of Una Reign. Thank you for making us happy through your writing, Charlii!

You can find my nominations at the acceptance page.

  1. What made you decide to start writing stories?
    My sister. I grew up with a natural storyteller for a sister, so as soon as I could hold a crayon, I wanted to illustrate the amazing stories she told me, and then as soon as I could write letters, I wanted to write my own stories.
  2. How long have you been sharing stories?
    I started sharing stories when I was around three years old, so I guess that would mean about 54 years! Some of my favorite memories for sharing stories come from the years that I was a storyteller/librarian at a small independent school. The children and I spent many happy hours lost in the worlds of traditional folktales!
  3. Who is your favourite character in any story created by you?
    At this precise moment, I am so fond of Sugar Maple Bough in Goofy Love. I can’t really claim credit for creating her, for she was created by the Game Gods–but I had a hand, since she comes through the lineage of Cedar Bough, whom I did create in CAS, and since, if I hadn’t played the legacy, or hadn’t played it in that style, she wouldn’t exist. But I can’t imagine a world in which Sugar Maple Bough doesn’t exist, so one way or another, the great creative energy would have had to create her! I’m just honored and humbled that she was created in a game on my little Toshiba laptop.
  4. Who is your favourite character created by someone else?
    Elder Wolfe from the Wolfe Legacy. His dad, Dia Wolfe, is remarkable, also. In fact, that entire legacy is full of endearing characters.
  5. What is your favourite story?
    I adore the fairy tale “Fundevogel”: “Never forsake me, and I will never forsake you.” “I will never forsake you as long as we both shall live!”
  6. What scares you?
    I had to think about this one. Some things, like climate change, that frighten others sadden me. Then I remembered: the other day, I overheard some colleagues gossiping maliciously about some co-workers who were absent that day. And that angered and frightened me. I guess I have a deep fear of ostracization–being shunned by and kicked out of the village. And I feel frightened of people who choose to exclude others.
  7. What makes you smile?
    Genuine kindness! I love to witness acts of kindness shared by people.
  8. Is there any thing you would change in your favourite story? if so what and why?
    Do you mean in a story written by me, or my overall favorite? If you mean my overall favorite (“Fundevogel”), then no! It’s a folktale, and through the generations it’s been perfected. If you mean my favorite story of mine that I wrote… well, I guess at present that would be Wonder. And I can’t really think of what I’d change at this moment–I’m still too close to it!
  9. Who is your embarrassing celebrity crush?
    Hmmm… It’s not embarrassing to love Lang Lang, is it? But maybe the way his floppy hair makes me feel all giggly inside is a little bit embarrassing…
  10. Do you have any pets?
    I don’t. I do have lots of bird, lizard, mice, and insect friends in the garden that I spend time with daily.
  11. Tell us one fun fact about you?
    Once, when I was five years old, a bear left a giant paw print on the foot of my sleeping bag… when I was still in it!