Summer Camp, pt. 8

“Table for eight!” I told Eva when we finally found the island’s restaurant.

“You’re joking, right?”

“No way!” I said.”We’ve got five hungry campers and three hungry counselors, so that means…”

“Our largest table only holds four,” she replied.

“Then, I guess we’ll take two?”


Tre and I sat inside while the kids and Joel went to the deck to watch for the sea monster.

“So, Tre,” I said. “You thinking of a career working with kids?”

“Um. Not exactly.”


On the deck, Cadence was telling Joel all the punchlines from the puppet show.

“Don’t you think I should wait for the actual show?” Joel asked.

“No!” replied Cadence. “We can never remember the jokes anyway, so we just make them up as we go!”


“So to make fish and chips, you first gotta catch the fish,” Tre was telling Blake and Gerald. “And you know what they use for bait?”

Neither of the boys knew.

“Frog brains.”


Tre thought it was so funny that he headed out to tell the patio table.

“That is disgusting,” said Hahon. “And it’s not even true.”


“I’ve been thinking up new plots,” said Gerald. “How about something involving space aliens? And they’re blue? And they walk along the planet like this, only backwards?”


Outside, Cadence was still giggling over frog brains, when Waikiki tried to get Joel to tell her what they really used for fish bait.

“I bet they don’t even catch them with a hook,” she said at last. “They use nets, right? They’ve got to because this is halibut, and I read that’s how you catch halibut.”

“I like eating something that ate frog brains,” said Cadence. “Do you think I’ll start speaking in croak? Ribbit! Ribbit!


“Next summer, I’m going to soccer camp!” said Tre. “You kids will still be climbing trees and roasting marshmallows and looking for waterfalls, and I’ll be scoring goals for the college scouts!”

“I’m going to author camp,” said Gerald. “I’m going to be a famous author.”

“I’ll be making videos,” said Blake. “Cat videos.”


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