Aimless: A Kindness Warrior Call to Action


The world is bigger than a single country.

A country is bigger than those its system places in positions in the government.


A country, the world, is composed of individuals, of you and me.

There’s a reason that you were born into this time, this place. You are needed. This country, this world, need your individuality, your perspective, your own unique shine. Your own singular voice.

During the Bush era, dissenting voices fell silent. And so the Patriot Act passed with barely a murmur, and civil liberties were lost.ย  Halliburton siphoned at least $39.5 billion from the U. S.

We needed voices then to speak up. Few did.

We need voices now and in the coming years to speak up. And we will.


The first step–what it all rests on–is for each of us to take care of ourselves. Go outside today, or look around your home or office, and find something beautiful that you treasure. Listen to music that uplifts you. Eat a meal that raises your vibration. Nurture your spirit, your soul, your health, your well-being.

When you’re strong, take care of others, too. Speak your truth. Stand up for yourself and others when you need to and when it’s the right thing to do. Care for your home. Care for the earth. Care for our beautiful, diverse communities.


What is stronger than fear? Mindfulness.

What is stronger than hate? Compassion and understanding.

What’s stronger than disappointment? Trust in our own ability to care for ourselves, our homes, our gardens, our neighbors and communities, and this beautiful planet we live on. Every day, we have tasks to do, and when we do them well, we make a difference. Even washing dishes while being impeccably present can transform the world.

We have a crucible now through which we can move to emerge transformed.

Change yourself, change the world.

Be yourself, be the world.

Stay strong, Kindness Warriors!