Whisper 2.33


Dear Shannon,

Can I write you? Sure I can, right? Now that I’m here, you’re there, I can write again.

Well, we’ve had a visitor! Becky came, just like we arranged at the party you threw on the day I graduated.

When she arrived, I realized that she and I don’t even know each other! We had just the one conversation, when we met at your party, before she came here.

We weren’t sure what to say to each other at first.


“Good tea,” she said. “Did you grow it yourself?”

“Um, no,” I replied. “We get maybe two days of sunshine a year up here. I think tea plants need a bit more.”

Oh, Shannon. I was pretty snarky. What got into me?


“It’s good, though,” Becky said.

“We didn’t grow the sugar cane, either,” I said.


Then Becky started laughing.  With the ice broken, we chatted for a bit. She’s OK. I mean, I like her. I’m not sure that we have anything in common, but she’s cute, and I like the way she laughs.

She’s so rich, though! I had a hard time finding where our experiences and interests intersected. Do you know where the Venn diagram of her and me did intersect? In you. You form the beautiful shaded area that we both share: our admiration of you.

We both agreed that you’re awesome and amazing and beautiful.


I headed into the garden to weed and harvest, and Becky went inside where Riley tried to entertain her.

Riley told me they watched a documentary on monarch butterflies. “It was fascinating,” Riley said. “Do you realize some monarchs migrate thousands of miles? In fact, monarchs are becoming something of an emblem for people who cross borders because each year, thousands of them fly from Mexico to the Pacific Northwest. They’re becoming endangered, though.”

Shannon, I wish you could meet Riley. You would love her!

“Did Becky enjoy the documentary?” I asked Riley.

“Oh,” she replied, “I don’t think so. She said the photography was pretty, but how many pictures of butterflies can a person take?”


I was still in the garden when Becky came out.

“Looks like you’re really busy here,” she said, “I think I’ll head back.”


“But you just got here!” I protested.

“Yeah, and now I’m just leaving. Thanks for having me, anyway!”

So that was my visit with Becky! She stayed all of two hours, and all we have in common is that we both belong to the Shannon Arkers fan club.


I don’t know about Becky, but I’ve got lifetime membership.

Miss you. Take care of yourself.



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