Forgotten Art: Meadow-Dove 1

A reply to: Dove Singer’s Profile


Dear Dove,

I saw your profile at the Pen Pal Project, and I wanted to write you immediately!

(Doesn’t it seem that a Meadow and a Dove belong together? 🙂 )

You look so beautiful! I hope you don’t mind me saying that. I tend to be very shy in person, but there’s just something about writing. It’s like an immediate conduit opens to my heart, and I just have to type out what I feel, as I feel it!

How do you like living in San Myshuno? Isn’t it a beautiful place? My uncle lives in the Spice District, and when I visit him, I love to hang out in the square to take in all the colors and flavors!

I don’t get much chance to visit my uncle these days, though he does often come to see me, because I’ve recently adopted a baby, a two-year-old Pakistani refugee. Such a sad story, and if we become pen pals, maybe I can tell you more later. But for now, I’ll just say that she’s healthy and keeping me on my toes!


You and I seem to have a background in science in common–I am not a scientist, but my father was and my brother is. My dad was a physicist, and he was devoted to sustainable energy. He installed the first wind farms here in Windenburg, and now my brother Norman manages the business, including the facilities and R & D.

I could have gone into the family business, too, but I chose to study the humanities. My degree is in cultural studies, with a focus in folklore. I’m hoping my knowledge of folk and fairy tales of the world will help me entertain little Jena!


I have to tell you, it feels like such an indulgence to write to an adult! Now and then, I can sneak in a little computer time or a little time behind the canvas (I love to paint), but most of my waking hours are devoted to keeping house, cooking, and caring for this incomprehensible being with whom I now share my life.


So, at any rate, what a joy to write to you about things other than tantrums, animal crackers, and nursery rhymes!

Oh, that reminds me of a nursery rhyme I can’t get out of my head ever since I saw your name!

The dove says coo, coo, what shall I do?
I can scarce maintain two.
Pooh, pooh! says the wren, I’ve got ten,
And keep them all like gentlemen.

I hope you feel that we would make good pen pal matches! If not, I completely understand. And at any rate, it has been fun to write this letter to you!

Wishing you a happy time in the lab and the city,

(Hopefully) Your new friend,



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