Forgotten Art: Meadow-Watergate 1


Dear Mr. Watergate:

The Pen Pal Project recommended you as a match for me. I see in your profile that you have many daughters ranging in age from toddler to teen.

How perfect! With all your experience, you can give me the advice I need!

You see, I have recently become a mother to Jena.


She is my adopted daughter.

She’s a miracle, a handful, and a mystery, all rolled into one!


I have to admit that, as a new mother with no experience with children, especially very young children, I am at a loss more often than not!

Sometimes, we get along swimmingly!


She’ll be happy, cheerful, and cooperative. At these times, it seems that she’s settling into her new home and that she actually likes me! I start to feel that we can be a family.

And then, something will shift. I will find her standing with the saddest look on her face.

What has happened? Why is she now sad? Will I ever be able to figure out her needs and anticipate her moods?


I could really use your insights and advice, Mr. Watergate.

Thank you, in advance.


Meadow McCumber

P.S. If you are too busy to write back, I completely understand! I know that this letter is coming out of the blue. Is it OK if I keep writing to you, though? Somehow, just sharing my worries with someone who might possibly understand, I feel better already.

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