Forgotten Art: Giuliana – Dusk 2

A reply to: A letter from Dusk


Hi, Dusk!

Quick! It’s the Moon! Better hide! LOL!

The other day, I saw my favorite mailman lady. She was delivering letters to our apartment building. And I thought, Maybe I’ll have a letter from my favorite member of our Stop Bullying, Stupid! club, Dusk Mann!

But then I remembered that I hadn’t written you back. And I’ve got to do that first before you write me.

Mom was really mad at me for not writing you.


“It’s not thoughtful,” she said. From her, that’s the worst, because she says we should be thoughtful of everybody. She says, why did I join the Pen Pal Project if I have no intention of keeping up my end of the correspondence? It’s irresponsible.

Irresponsible is the second worst.


My mom finished washing the dishes, and then she walked off, leaving me alone in the kitchen with my thoughts and with one little bubble to keep me company.

“Don’t feel bad,” the bubble said. “You’re just a kid.”


I asked my brother if he thought I was being a bad pen pal.

He said, “How many letters did you write?”

Then he said, “How many letters did your pen pal write?”

And when I told him, One and One, he said, “You’re a better pen pal than me. I haven’t written any or gotten any either!”


Mom also said I was a bad pen pal because in my last letter I didn’t ask about you. I just talked on about me. She says here’s how to be a good pen pal:

  1. Write back promptly after receiving a letter.
  2. In the letters I write, don’t just go on and on about me, but ask about the pen pal, too.

I really do want to be a good pen pal! I like you, Dusk!

I’ll do my best to write promptly. I get busy, and sometimes before I realize what time it is, it’s days and weeks later. You know, pirate life and all. But I really will do good because I hate when my mom looks at me that way.

And also, how are you?

What are you reading today?

I am reading about Robinson Crusoe.

Also, thank you for joining the Stop Bullying, Stupid! club!

You’re right! It really is better to have someone in the club.

I got excited once you joined, and so now we have lots of people in the club!

I found this woman selling paintings in our square.


“Wanna join the club?” I asked her.

And when she found out what it was, she said, “Sure.”

She asked if there were really bullies. “I’ve never seen any bullies!” she said.

“Oh, yes,” I told her. “There are so many bullies. You don’t see any because you paint beautiful paintings and you look pretty. But if you were a little kid like me and you wore jeans with holes in them and you had short hair like this, and you had rubber bands on your wrists because you might need them for something, like a sling shot or something, then you would have seen the bullies because they would have seen you! They would say stuff like, ‘Stupid rubberband kid! Are you a boy or a girl? Make up your mind!'”


She said she would never say anything mean like that, and if she saw someone being mean, she would tell them to stop it.

Then, my friend Veer the Vendor said, “Yes. I would be delighted to join your anti-bullying club.”


And Billie Jang, who’s in my class at school, said, “I want to join!”

Then my brand new friend Fatima said she would join the club, too!


So, guess what, Dusk? You started a trend! Now Stop Bullying, Stupid! has got five members, plus me, President-Select!

And it’s all because you said liked the club and said you wanted to join!


Thanks, Dusk!

I hope that life is good with you. And remember that I’m your friend.

Gotcha covered!

Tazer 1541z

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