Liebster! AdamsEve’s Questions

At the end of July 2017, AdamsEve nominated me for a Liebster! Thanks, AdamsEve! Ich liebe deine Geschichten auch.

I seriously do have a love affair with AdamsEve’s stories. Right now, she’s going through a creative burst, and most evenings, right as I’m winding down for bed, I’ll check my WordPress Reader and find a new chapter from her. Maybe it’s Kass’s latest discovery. Maybe it’s Bella’s quandries. Whatever it is, I read with relish! If you’re not already a fan, please check out her work, found at The Krazy Life of Kass.

My favorite part of these blogging awards is reading the great questions and answers, as well as answering them myself! With a deep and sensitive thinker like AdamsEve, great questions are expected and delivered!

AdamsEve’s Questions:

  1. What is your favorite sound and why? I have to choose two: middle C played on the A string of my cello because it is so sweet that all the spaces in my bones reverberate with joy, and the song of a mockingbird on a moonlit night because… oh, mockingbirds! Oh, moon! Oh, this beautiful planet! May it always be inhabitable and populated with singing mockingbirds and people who love to listen to them!
  2. If you could travel and live anywhere else in the world, where would you go? My garden. My idea of travel is to step out my backyard to see what awaits! It’s always magical. It’s always new.
  3. Who is your role model? My boyfriend is my role model. Living with him for 37 years, I have grown into myself, and it’s both through the space we create together and through his continuous example of intelligence, impeccability, energy, authenticity, and love. He’s the best role model because he doesn’t inspire me to be like him: He inspired me to be like me.
  4. When was your last celebration in the Sims and what was it? It was not too long ago, and it was a birthday party for Jena McCumber! Now I can hardly wait to play this family more so I get to know child Jena! Here she is, giving her Great Uncle Jasper a hug, right after aging up.
  5. What about the Sims compels you to write stories? Let’s just say that I find myself in them. I would guess that many writers write to make meaning of their worlds and their lives–that’s certainly what motivates me to write. And the Sims seem to provide one of the most useful scrying bowls I’ve used. It’s uncanny to me how often the themes I’m exploring in my life appear in the Sims. As I play the games, one level of understanding begins to surface. Then, as I sort the screenshots and weave the story, other levels emerge. It’s a magical process. So, what is it about the Sims that makes this possible? Perhaps it’s that they’re open to interpretation. Perhaps it’s that they seem to collaborate with the Simmer and writer. But I guess that it’s the way that the electric spark of our imagination ignites the digital pulse that drives each Sim. Magic, in other words.
  6. If you could create a world in the Sims, what type of world would it be or what city would you model it after? Some of my favorite cities are already pretty closely replicated in the Sims: Santa Cruz, California is found in Sunset Valley; San Francisco in San Myshuno; and Tucson is almost found in Oasis Springs. Where’s Seattle? I’d love a TS4 Seattle!
  7. Who’s your favorite townie or premade and why? Oh! I cannot settle on just one! Currently, I’m fascinated by Akira… though he hardly ever shows up in my game. I just love him in the other stories I’ve been reading. One of my favorite game-generated townies is Sierra in Asaoyuro’s The Music of Life. She is one of those uniquely beautiful Sims who has this indescribable individuality! I’m so inspired by her.
  8. What gets you out of bed in the morning? The sunlight on the eucalyptus boughs outside our bedroom window fills us with such a sense of home, mystery, and joy that we pop up every morning as soon as it lights up, saying, “There’s our eucalyptus!”
  9. What is your hidden talent? Love. I can very easily love every person I meet. The funny thing about talent–it’s nothing we can really take credit for, right? It’s simply there, part of our nature. I was blessed with love as the energy that flows through me. I hope I’m able to let it flow out to others, too–for that’s what it’s for.
  10. If you were a Sim, what would be some of the things you would do? I’d paint, garden, prepare meals, dance–oh, I couldn’t play cello, could I?–play piano, read, write, play Sims Forever, joke, scare people, tell unbelievable stories in a very dramatic and unbelievable manner, play guitar, jog, make coffee and tea, and stand outside with my arms open wide and my face to the sun.
  11. What question would you really like someone to ask you and what would your answer be? Would you read my story? Yes! I’d love to!

Thanks, AdamsEve, for these great questions! I have another nomination and question set to answer, and then I’ll make my nominations for Summer 2017!