Gee-Jay – Tad 3

A reply to: A letter from Tad


Dear Tad.

It’s me. Gee. Jay is busy talking to plants right now.


Do you talk to plants? Technically, he’s talking to a lemon tree. He says, “Go ahead and catch up on our correspondences, while I catch up on my plant-spondences.”

Yes! He really does talk like that. Maybe you can see why I like him so much.


So, first off. We’re really excited that you want to join “Time for Thinking!” As soon as Jay told me that you were in the club, I ran up to tell our other club members.

One of them, the pink one, has lots and lots and lots of time. In fact, most of his time he spends sitting beside a big window that looks out on the bay, but he’s got his eyes closed.

“What are you doing with your eyes closed?” I ask Pinky.

“I’m thinking,” he whispers. I call him Pinky the Thinky.


But guess what happened? When I told him you would be in our club, he opened his eyes! Seriously! He’s that excited!


I also told Bucky.

“Hey, Bucky!” I shouted, because when I’m excited I like to shout, and Jay doesn’t ever, ever, ever say to me, “inside voices.” He says, “Talk as loudly as you like! If you’re excited, shout!”

So I shouted, “Hey, Bucky! Guess what?”

Of course he had to guess because he’s an honorary member of the Time for Thinking club and that’s one of the things we do: If someone says, “Guess what?” we don’t say, “Uh. I dunno.” Because, you know… Thinking! So we try to think what!

“Hey, Bucky! Guess what?”


“Um. You’re really excited about something?”

“Yeah, but what?”

“Um. Does it have to do with chocolate?”

I actually couldn’t answer that because I don’t know how you feel about chocolate. If you really like it a lot, then, yes. It has to do with chocolate. But if you don’t like chocolate, then, no. It doesn’t have to do with chocolate.

So, I told Bucky it was stale mate. Good move, Bucky! After you let me know about the chocolate-thing, then I can get back to him.


Oh, I guess maybe you’re wondering about who is Bucky. Or do you know already? He is a very famous poet, and he’s traveling around the world, and right now, he’s staying with Jay and writing poems about Meadow. Not about a meadow, but about Meadow. She’s Jay’s niece.

She’s very smart and nice and an artist, so I think maybe that is why he is writing poems about her.

Do you ever write poems, Tad?

Jay says that in our “Time for Thinking” club, we could write poems, if we wanted.

Here is a poem that Jay made up:


is something

that one wants to eat.



What for?

We always want more!


That’s why

They call it…



I told him that was the best poem I’d ever heard. He said it was silly, but thank you.


Guess what?

(No, really. Remember? You have to guess!)

I just went upstairs to tell Jay’s poem to Pinky, and he was still awake–not thinking with his eyes closed, like he usually does! That’s because he’s so excited you’re in our club.


I’m excited, too! When you write, do you think you could tell us a story? Like what was the most exciting adventure you ever had? You could even make it up, if you wanted. Most of the most exciting things I’ve ever done are the made-up ones.

OK. Jay says it’s time for peanut butter cookies, so that means that it’s no longer Time for Thinking! Unless we think about cookies and then ask for seconds! Get it? 

Bye, Mr. Dustpine!

Your thinking buddy,


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Author’s Note: Yes, Bucky is still here! He’s been traveling the world as a roving poet, and Jasper has put him up for a while, and we’re having such a good time, that here he is!  Bucky Duckson comes from the Duckson Legacy by LegacySims, and he’s available to stay with your Sim and write poems for you! You can get in touch with Bucky through his Writer-in-Residence thread at the EA Sims Forums.