Digital mirror: Finding ourselves in The Sims

Here’s an article that MastressAlita, Mackie/Pegasus143, and I wrote about ways that the Sims and SimLit have connected with our gender expression and sexual identity. Hope you enjoy it, and so much thanks to Alita and Mackie for writing this with me! 🙂

Rounding off our theme for August, mental health, a group of fans of The Sims explains how conducive the game is to a sense of well-being and community.

We started writing this article before the violence in Charlottesville, before the angry speech in Phoenix on August 22, before the pardoning of Sheriff Arpaio, and before the military ban on trans women and men. In the current U.S. political climate, our thoughts about a game, and the stories we write connected with it, may seem trivial. But when we can point to a creative act that promotes acceptance of diversity, that generates kindness and openness, it’s not trivial. It’s significant.

Produced in Redwood City in Northern California, The Sims franchise of video games has been developed over the past 17 years in a culturally and politically liberal context. The open-ended framework of The Sims allows its players to create an accepting…

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