Septemus 55



Thank you for writing, little sister! You have the best fashion sense. I love the little flowers in the corners of your pink sunglasses. If I could, I would buy a purple pair and wear them to think of you!

Did you take that photo at the Romance Festival? I went a few days ago, but I didn’t see you! Pink and red rose petals covered the sidewalk, and everyone laughed and sighed like they’d been sniffing too much perfume!


It must have been a different night than when you went. I would have felt you if you were around.

I met one of our friends there. He, like everyone else, dressed in a funny costume. It was lucky that it was Incognito Night, so no one was bothered that I showed up in my space suit.


I fit right in.

Yes! You can adopt our new pagoto when he’s born. He will need a big sister! I have a feeling he will be very tiny when he comes out, although Pops is quite huge. He feels very yobaska right now. He tells me not to worry. “I’m happy, son,” he says. When I feel his feelings, I can feel happiness there. And our little brother is full of all sorts of good feelings! He is going to be very funny, I think.

But Pops is so uncomfortable that he doesn’t smile often these days.


I hope the baby comes soon, so Pops feels better, but I also hope the baby waits until after the pool party because I really want to go. I want to meet more of our gotogo.

Do you know that you are the first one I’ve met? You claim the first corner of my hearts! That spot will always be yours, Panda!

I hear that little bird, too, usually when I’m out on a jog. I’ve tried singing to her, but I’m not sure if my songs have wings powerful enough to reach her. She feels very far away.

Do you hear Fi, Whisper, Rocket, and Emmanuel, too? Who else is out there, Panda? We have so many pagotogo still to find!


You didn’t mess anything up for me, moPanda!

No one messed things up–Life is just messy sometimes. That’s what Pops says.

Pops says that it’s emotions that make life messy. Are emotions messy to you? To me, they seem very clear–as much a part of being as breathing. But Pops says that for many people, they remain nebulous–like clouds.

I like your descriptions of emotions and feelings! I don’t smell them very much–a little whiff, perhaps. But I definitely see them, just as you describe, and I feel them and hear them, too! It is confusing to me when I can sense what someone else feels (which I always can, right?), but then they don’t speak or act in accordance. I wonder sometimes if they are aware of their feelings or if they think that feelings are simply inconveniences that can be ignored.


I will keep writing, Panda. Once the baby comes, I might need to wait until he is a bit older to come visit. Pops says that babies are a lot of work, so I plan to help.

Will you come visit us sometime? Our home is very small right now–we have only one bedroom that we all sleep in. Even the baby will sleep there! We call it our dorm.

But Pops keeps saying he’ll add on a second story sometime. If he does, then we’ll have a guest room on reserve for you! I’ll choose fancy curtains. Do you like fancy curtains? Pink, maybe? And purple?

I’ll tell you a secret, Panda, since you are a “no-secret-sharing” girl. Each night, when I fall asleep, I reach out to you, to Fi, to the little bird, to Whisper, to Emmanuel, to Rocket, so that I can see how you each are doing. I think this is something that our bizaabgotojo told me to do: “Shishili, Pabaxini’vre.” I have always done this. I always will.


This is why I want to find Toui, to listen to all, like our bizaabgotojo asked.

We aren’t alone, little sister! Not ever. Thank you for keeping the others company while I will be in training. I’m happy to know that they can listen to you!

Your bagoto,


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