Septemus 56

A letter to Brio


Dear Brio:

I hope it’s OK if I write you. I know it’s been a while. I honestly don’t have anyone else I can ask about this. I can’t got to the doctor.

But you’ve been there. Many times over. I’m hoping you can give me the reassurance I need.

Firstly, is it OK to be hungry all the time? I’m guessing it is… “eating for two,” and all that. But is it OK if the food smells off, and my appetite suddenly disappears before the meal is done?

I thought I loved grilled cheese, but I have been suddenly craving yogurt with sauerkraut.


Is it OK to feel suddenly, blissfully happy?

I am guessing yes. New life and all.


But what about the light that sparks out when the baby moves? That can’t be right, can it?

What is it? Electricity? Phosphorescence? Gas?

It’s a little alarming.


Were you tired all the time?

Sept has been amazing. He’s taken over all the chores, and he tells me, “Pops, just relax.”

So that’s what I’ve been doing. As I get closer and closer to the delivery date, it’s hard not to worry about how the baby’s going to get out.


Xirra said the incision they made would simply open, gently and relatively painlessly, when the baby began emitting birth-hormones. But I don’t understand how. The scar is completely sealed up now.

But you got through it. You’ve been through this many times.

I should have written this letter much earlier. I’ll put it in the mail, but I have a feeling there’s no way your reply will come before the baby does.

Wish me luck, Brio.

I need it!

Your popping pen pal,



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