Septemus 58


Dear Sept,

You were amazing today, son. Thank you.

You told me the night before, when I felt the first pains, that you were taking the next day off of school.

I’m so grateful that you did. I couldn’t have gotten through this alone.


You reassured me and the baby.

I’m not sure what you told your little brother, but shortly after you put your hands on him, I felt him quiet down. I could tell he was fine. He stopped being restless, and he became restful, getting ready for the big moment.


So many times that day, I thought I wasn’t going to make it. But you were there, offering support and encouragement.


At sunset, the baby arrived. It was just as Xirra said. The incision scar opened. It hardly even bled. We pulled the baby out. Then you applied the balm Xirra had left with me, and the wound closed right up. This time, even the scar disappeared.

Octavius didn’t even cry. We cleaned him off and dressed him in the infant suit Xirra sent. He cooed.

You were so tired, son–I can understand why. You were a champ.


I can’t figure how I got to be so lucky. Me, Sebastion Sevens. Proud papa of two beautiful, amazing, miracle sons.


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