Septemus 71


Dear Whisper,

Do you remember at Emmanuel’s pool party when you asked me to tell you everything I know?

I didn’t know much at all then, but I made a pledge that I would share with you everything I’d come to know.


Whisper, I’ve learned a lot. Enough to fill a lifetime of books!

Whisper, I met your aunt Xirra, Situ’s sister.

Funny thing: She and I are family! She is my baby brother’s mother!


I guess that makes you and me a sort of cousin! And you and Octy are genetically cousins! Imagine that!

We’re family!

I always did want to be, somehow, in someway, related to my bizaabgotojo’s family.


I’m writing as if this were the most cheerful letter in the world. And I suppose, it does contain cheer.

But, my cousin, it contains hardship and tragedy, too.


You know about the bizoobi, right? These are the clones created by the Kfvico’kyastorr to be used for body parts and slave labor. It’s an ancient practice.

But did you know that the rebels also clone individuals? My brother, your friend, Emmanuel was cloned by the rebels. But, unlike me, he wasn’t cloned for harvesting. He wasn’t cloned for slavery. He was cloned for freedom.


We were meant to be together: You, me, Emmanuel, your mother, your father, your aunt Xirra. We were meant to be on Haven, with all the other bizoobi and refugee babies that had been rescued.  With the rebel troops. When I think of what might have been, I feel loss.


Xirra and I didn’t talk much about this loss that binds us together. You and I talked about it before.

Xirra says that, though what happened wasn’t planned, it has turned out for the good.


She tells me that it is something bigger than Haven, bigger than you and me and Emmanuel. Bigger than our sense of loss.


Xirra says that sometimes fate steps in and creates a result that we could never have dreamed of.

That’s what has happened with the tuoi ending up here, scattered throughout this green planet.


Xirra says that sometimes, purpose finds us.

I can never return to the rebel base camp on Doxnivre. I can never go to Haven. Xirra says that I can never leave this planet. The Kfvico’kyastorr can’t know that I exist: They believe that I perished in the crash, and they need to continue believing that if I am to continue to be.

But they don’t know about you. They don’t know about Emmanuel. The two of you have freedom.

Whisper, would you like to meet Xirra? She would like to meet you. She says she has something to tell you, but that she will tell only you, and what she has to share must be spoken, in person.

I would like to meet with Emmanuel again, after everything I have learned. I have better answers for him, as well as more questions of my own.

Will you and Emmanuel come to visit? It’s a short ride from the city on the light-rail, and we are building a second-story to our house which will even have a guest room! You wouldn’t have to sleep on cots on the floor in a corner!

Xirra is on a mission now, but when it’s over she’s returning for a few days. Say you’ll come! Bring my brother! Come meet your aunt and spend time with your new family!

Oh, cousin, there is so much to share.


Hoping to see you and Batuotuo soon, with love,

Your Baxin’ivre, your cousin

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