S-Boys: Episode 7 – Vee-Jay’s Vlog, Outtakes

One thing I loved about the cameras in every room was that we got to keep footage that might otherwise be edited out. This was especially the case in the computer room where the guys shot their vlogs.

If you’re a fan, you’ve probably watched Vee-Jay’s first video journal dozens of times. I mean, how can you not, right? He’s just so cute in it. But there was a lot that he cut out.

Here’s some of what you missed…



Vivaan:  Hey, everybody! It’s me. Vivaan. That’s right! It’s not Vaneer. Viram. Vivoom. Viroom. Vizam. Not even Vee-Jay. Vivaan Ramesh.

Yeah, I said, ‘Ramesh,’ not Rameesh.

Vivaan Ramesh.

It’s a good name.


Vivaan: My mother’s father was named Vivaan. And my father’s father’s name was Ramesh, so it was my father’s name, too.

But I do have a lot of other names, too. Popcorn, Bhalu, Bhai, Bahadur (mostly for fun), Chickna (also for fun), Motu, and Tapori. And Scout.

So, okay. Maybe not such a big deal to be called Vee-Jay and Varoom. But Vaneer?


Vivaan: Give me a break!


Vivaan: You want to know which is my favorite of all my names? Well, after my real name. It is Bahadur, but not because I am actually brave, like the name would suggest.


Vivaan: No, it’s because I am not brave, not at all.


Vivaan: When I signed the contract to become a trainee, part of me was terrified. Okay, all of me was terrified, except my left pinky. My little finger was excited. That’s where all my inspiration is!

But the rest of me? What if I can’t come up to speed by three months? What if I’m the first one cut? What if, even no matter how hard I work, I can’t do it? What if I fail?

But what if I don’t fail… what if I succeed. That’s scary, too, but it’s a different kind of scary.

Focus on the music.

You make me feel
Like a unicorn, baby.

What if I make it, and we become a hit, and I’m the next maknae and we have adoring fans? That is positively terrifying (though my right little toe feels kinda happy).


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