S-Boys: Episode 8 – Ship Names

I can manage all day long, with every decision a home-run, and it’s not really gonna make that much difference to the success of the group.

Everybody knows that the popularity of any boy band depends on the possibility of ships.


We’ve got a few ripe potentialities.

Remember back in grade school when there was always one guy who was meanest to the person he was most interested in? I’m wondering if maybe Joey is like that. I heard him insulting Rylan on his green overalls, low-slung tool belt, and overall Village People vibe on the day the guys moved in.

But I’ve also caught Joey going out of his way just to get Rylan to crack a smile. I’m thinking potential ship: Joey Crook + Rylan Hitchcock. Jory. Crookcock. (Erm. Maybe a little to racy.) Hitchcrook. Ryjoe. There’s something to work with there.

Then I also spied Joey coming on–and none too subtly–to the Living Statue. Well, who wouldn’t? I find myself dreaming of being thirty years younger whenever he’s around. And it’s not just the muscles. It’s the style.


Joey Crook + Tony McCarthy. McCrook. ToJoe. JoTo. CrookCart. Jony.

We’ve got a lot to work with here, too.

“Glad to see you boys are getting to know each other,” I said, when I saw them sitting on the bed while I was making my rounds to deliver the fresh linen. “You do know that cameras in the bedrooms can be shut off at your discretion, right?” I pointed at the controls.

“We don’t care, do we, Tone?” Joey said.


“I don’t care if you don’t,” replied Tony.

“I mean, look. We’re a band, right! Band members share everything, right? What have we got to hide? We’re especially not hiding anything from our fans, right, Tone?”

“I’m not if you’re not, Joey,” Tony replied.


When Joey joined me later for supper, I reminded him that we didn’t have any fans yet.

“Oh, but we will!” he said. “And when we do, they’re gonna want to see how ToJoe first met.”


Joey was more calculating than I had thought. This man has analyzed what it takes to earn fan adoration.

It didn’t boost my confidence. Fans hate to be manipulated. What they love most is seeing the real and authentic boy in the band, especially when that hyung is authentically honest and hardworking and that maknae authentically adorable. If fans suspect they’re being played, even for an instant, we’ve lost them.


“Did you make this soup, Sierra?” Rylan asked when he joined us. Now Rylan, he is totally and completely incapable of the inauthentic.

“I did make it,” I replied. “Do you like it?”

“It’s really good,” he said.


“It must be good,” said Tony, who had brought his coffee to the other end of the table. “I can hear you slurping all the way down here!”


“Slurping is the new sexy,” said Joey. “A man looks good when he’s really enjoying his meal.”

I’d carried my dishes to the sink, but I turned to look back at the table. Tony had crumpled.

“I’ve got some more soup, Tone,” I said. “You hungry? Want me to heat you up a bowl?”

“Naw, that’s okay,” he replied.

Yeah, we had a lot of shipping potentialities, that was for sure. But managing them wasn’t going to be as simple and straightforward as I had hoped.


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Author’s note: Romantic relationships and interactions in this game and story, as in all my Sim games and stories, are autonomous or in response to whim. In regards to Sierra, I reserve the right to leave whims unfulfilled and to cancel autonomous actions in her queue. With the guys, I won’t cancel any autonomous romantic interactions, and I’ll do my best to fulfill whims (unless fulfilling them will directly lead to someone getting hurt). In other words… you know Sims. Looks like we can expect a few romantic complications!