GloPoWriMo: Day 8



“Are you in pain?” asked the Dental Technician Coordinator.

She didn’t think she was.

“We can write a prescription, if needed.”
Before she arrived
the wet-vac system had collapsed
with bang and a fizzle
and a lingering smell of burnt sulphur.

All appointments cancelled.

She’d cleared her schedule
Freed her morning
for the endodontic bur
and the afternoon
for recuperating on the couch.

“We’ll call on Monday
to reschedule.”

And that was
three long days away.

Which left
this morning
and a long drive
along the road
that snaked
across the base
of the mountains.

And that was where,
in a clearing
near the vista pull-out,
verbenas, poppies
and desert zinnias


in spun light
that shot from the sun
through the

veins of the leaves
and petals
and the styles
and the stamens

All that
was left
was the

And it shone
from her hands
and her fingernails
and her solar plexus
and out through her
eyes and mouth

and through
the wings
of the monarch

All that

was left

was the light.

The drill would wait
for another day.

Daily Prompt:ย Write a poem “in which mysterious and magical things occur,” from theย Na/GloPoWriMo site.

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