GloPoWriMo: Day 14


Dictionary of Dreams (Authorized Version)

If you dream of a teacup,
it means you forgot
to call your mother.
Either that, or there is a mouse
who wants desperately
to find a way into your house.

If you dream of a hammer,
it’s not what you think.
It doesn’t signify violence–
or wait. Oh, it might
if you used the hammer
to smash your teacup.
(You really should
call your mother.)

If you dream of a ballet shoe–
was it pink? or dark blue?
No matter. You’re late for
your lesson, unprepared
for your performance.
(And don’t forget to call your mother.)

A seagull or a shark
can really mean the same thing
You are out at sea–
lost, alone, unprepared,
a child without a mother.

A wobbly table means
your teeth may be loose.
Or at the very least,
you should see a dentist.

But if you dream of a dentist
it has nothing to do with your teeth.
It most likely means
you feel guilty. You have
forgotten something.
Now what could that be?

If you dream of a rowboat
it means you are trying to find
your way home.
But then, isn’t that what
all dreams mean, really?

Call your mother.

Daily Prompt: “Write entries for an imaginary dream dictionary. Pick one (or more) of the following words, and write about what it means to dream of these things,” from the Na/GloPoWriMo site.

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