GloPoWriMo: Day 20


Seventy-eight Percent #RedforEd

Thirty-nine thousand teachers
across this red state
vote to walk out
on Thursday.

Miss Sanchez is
ready to walk,
too, shining her bullhorn,
painting her signs.

What about that
boy in her class,
Sean, who comes
early for breakfast,
sneaks seconds
for lunch?
The one she
always saves
an extra bag of
jelly bears for?

What about Laura
who sits in the book
corner, all through
recess? “It’s quiet,
Miss. I like that.”

What about Mark
who feeds the
tortoise? “When the
tortoise is happy,
it’s a good day.”

Sure, we want
what is right. Sure,
kids need more.
We all want
What’s Best
For the Kids.

Miss Sanchez put
away the bullhorn.
Sometimes, the rebel’s
got to stand
up to the rebellion.

Daily Prompt: “Write a poem that involves rebellion in some way,” from the Na/GloPoWriMo site.

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