GloPoWriMo: Day 25


Care and Feeding

Warning: Though independent
and resourceful,
this being requires
tender consideration.

Left to her own devices
she will be fine.

But expose her to
harsh environments,
large groups of people,
and rooms without

And she will wither.

It helps to
listen to her,
too, when she
has a need to share
thoughts, dreams,
wishes, inspirations.

This being requires
copious amounts
of time outdoors,
preferably in a garden
or other natural setting.
In a pinch,
a rooftop
will do.

Provide for her
these minimal
and you will be
with a friend
who can cook
sweet applesauce,
brew aromatic coffee,
and smile with
a grin that reaches
her eyes.

Daily Prompt:  “Write a poem that takes the form of a warning label . . . for yourself!” from the Na/GloPoWriMo site.

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