S-Boys: Episode 11 – Akira’s V-Live


OK. I’m just waiting for viewers to show. Anybody here?

I’m just waiting.

So, what do I do if no one shows? I guess I just close out the broadcast. It takes a while, right?

Um. OK. So it takes a while. OK.


OK. Here’s someone.


Hi, viewer.

You can write comments, and I’ll read them, OK?


Yeah. I’m here alone. I’m Akira.


I don’t know if anyone else is going to show.

Should I just stop if no one does? Or I could just talk to you.


Oh. Ten viewers! OK. We’ve got ten viewers.

Hi. Hi, everyone.


Yeah, I’m good. I’m Akira.

Oh. Wow. OK. We’ve got 1,000 viewers now. OK. Hi! Hi, everyone.


What’s up?

So, hi. Yeah. It’s me. Akira. You probably know me from before, when I had my solo act.

I’m Akira from the S-Boys now.

“Why did you quit your solo act?”

Well, I didn’t so much quit from it as add to it. I can still do solo stuff, if I want. But I’m with the S-Boys now. I’m the leader. I guess I felt that it was a good opportunity. I like our manager. You know her? Sierra? Sierra Summer. Yeah. She’s our manager.

So, I see a lot of comments now, so I’ll read them.


“Who else is in the band?”

Oh. We’ve got um… four other guys. Yeah. Lotta talent. I won’t give you names because, spoilers.

“When is your album coming out?”

Well, we’re in training now. We’re working really hard so we can create the good songs and share them with you. We’re working really hard. We’ll keep working.


Will you wait for us?

“Wait forever!”

“With you always!”

Ha! Someone wrote that in the comments.


“Akira handsome!”

“Akira aegyo!”

I don’t really do cute. But you’re all so nice.

OK. How’s this. I’m your fan! *click*


Yeah. I’m not really an aegyo kind of guy.

“Akira wink.”



“Akira marry me.”

Um. No.

Ask me some real questions.


OK, so I can’t really tell you about our songs in detail. For one, spoilers. But also, we’re still in development, you know? We’re in training. We’re writing.


But I can tell you what I can tell you.

So, OK. One of our members, he’s a real talented songwriter.


You’re really going to like what I writes, I think so. I feel that.

No, I can’t tell you his name yet. We’re going to have a reveal, so you’ll have to wait.

But let me try… OK. How about this? I will describe how I feel when I hear his song, how’s that?


So, let’s see. Do you know summer? Like I mean, not Sierra Summer, but the season?

Like a summer day? So, do you ever go outside, with maybe your two best friends, like you know, the guys you love to hang with? Or the girls? You know, the people you like the most?

So, OK. Imagine that.


So, you’re with your two best people. You’re feeling close, you know?

And you go outside. And the sun is shining. It’s a beautiful sky. Maybe there’s a breeze coming up from the beach.


And you don’t have to go anywhere. You’ve got all afternoon, with the two people you love the most.

Like, that’s freedom, right? Freedom and love.

That’s how this song makes you feel when you listen to it. At least, I hope so. So you can look forward to that.


OK. I have time for a few more questions. Then I have to go train.

“Where do we live?”

I can’t tell you.


We live together in a big house in a really nice place.

“What do you do all day?”

We train. That’s about it. We train, we eat, we sleep. Some of us write songs. Then we train some more.

“Did you eat?”

Yeah. I ate before I came here.

“What did you have?”

Oh, I had kimchi. We eat that all the time. Kimchi rice bowls with egg. Sierra is a good cook.


“Akira you’re cute.”

“Akira boyfriend.”

Thank you.

“Akira wink.”

No. Never. But thank you for asking.

OK, everyone. So, I gotta go now. I gotta get back to training. And I bet you got to do things, too, like work, sleep, study. So. Thanks for watching. Wait for us. We will be ready for debut soon.

Well, not really soon because we’re training.

But soon enough.

So, next time, I’ll come back with another member, OK? And then you can get to meet all of us.

“Akira love you!”

Thank you. I will work hard to be deserving of that.

OK, people. I’m going to go now.

This is Akira of the S-Boys. S-Boys Out!


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