GloPoWriMo – Song 14

Meridia’s Golden Shore

If I had known Tharayya’s job
would take me to Meridia’s shore
I would have stayed behind that day
to never set foot in Malatar.

“Leave it, Tharayya,” I cried
before facing the Scavening Maw.
“This is no place for us, for me.”
But pride caught in her craw.

“I took a contract,” she replied,
“with scheming Abnur Tharn.
What do I care which Prince we wrong,
when he can bring more harm?”

So knowing if I left,
she would face sure death,
I lent my healing staff that day
to the robbers of the Wrathstone cleft.

We came upon the Weeping Woman,
deep in an icy hollow.
“My tears cling to everything,
and drown it in my sorrow.”

But crossing the Auroran Phalanx
was when my courage waned.
Their light, gold light, was Darien’s
–on my once pure soul shame rained.

We stole the fragment of the stone,
we slew the Symphony of Blades.
I kept my comrades living still,
through what seemed the worst of trades.

While Tharayya stowed the loot
upon her waiting skiff,
I sat in penitent silence,
to pay my guilty tariff.

I sat upon the golden shore,
bathed in Meridia’s light,
My conscience I’d abandoned–
Nothing could set this right.

The golden light shone down,
Meridia whispered through the breeze,
“You are but a pebble here,
“Put your soul at ease.”

“Does a pebble curse the wave
when it lands on distant shore?
You play a part, and nothing less,
though you long for something more.”

I do not know what harm will come
When Abnur has his stone.
I do know that my Prince’s grace
will for my folly atone.

Daily Prompt: “write a poem about something mysterious and spooky,” from Na/GloPoWriMo.

Poet’s note: This poem tells the story of the ESO dungeon “The Depths of Malatar.” After having sworn my character to serve Meridia at the conclusion of the Main and Summerset Quests, I’m baffled that this prequel to the Elsweyr release pits us against the “good” Daedric Prince. But, oh well! When Abnur Tharn is involved, strict lines of morality blur. The Weeping Woman’s lines, in italic in this poem, come directly from game dialog.

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