GloPoWriMo – Song 22

Learn to Play

“Reality is a game, mortal.
Learn to play,
or resign yourself to
becoming one of the pieces
that is meant to be sacrificed.”

The game is all
in the keys
and the fingers
and the thumb.

And the eyes.

W-A-S-D: Forward,
Left, Backward, Right
Space: Jump

I is for Inventory

First bar resto staff:
1 Combat Prayer
2 Purifying Light
3 Blazing Spear
4 Healing Springs
5 Mutagen

Avoid the red
Heal your team
Jump! (space)

WW – dodge roll
5 5 4 3 1
Watch the blue bars
sink to black
5545 fill to blue

WWWW Dodge dodge!
5545 fill to blue

Second bar: destro staff
1 Elemental Drain
2 Elemental Blockade
3 Blazing Spear
4 Breath of Light
5 Energy Orb

1 2 hold, hold-hold
4 fill to blue
1 2 hold
fill to blue

The game is all
in the eyes–
Learn to play
watch the bar
watch the red

fill to blue

while the red bar
of the boss
of the monster
of Molag Bal


to black

and the fight
is over

And Meridia

and the light
turns golden

space jump
backspace — dodge-roll
gamers’ high-five

E is for loot
I is for inventory.

Learn to play.
Learn to move.
Learn to think.
Learn to be
Part of a team.

Daily Prompt: “write a poem that engages with another art form,” from Na/GloPoWriMo.

Poet’s note: Like many gamers, I hold that video games are an art form! The opening quotation is from Meridia (who else?) near the end of the Main Quest. By the time most players reach that point, they have, indeed, learned to play–and they may have even been told, a time or two, by less gracious others to “L2P.”

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