GloPoWriMo – Song 24

Reference: Soul-Trapping I

For the Archmagus Elomion
it was a simple question:

If our consciousness
remains bound
to our soul,
then how do we
want to spend

For Molag Bal, it is a
question of economics:

Pragmatically, if the
souls of legions of
useless mortals
can be put to use
fueling anchors
and other forms
of machinery of torment,
then what better
use for them?

But for Meridia–
and thus for me–
the soul belongs
to the one
to whom it belongs
and, thus,
belongs to

Have I cast free
millions of souls
bound in dense
Oblivion’s factories
merely to fill
again my satchel
of empty soul gems
at the end of each

Or will I,
like the Archmage,
defend to the last
the soul’s right
to be free?

tell me.

Daily Prompt: “write a poem that… is inspired by a reference book,” from Na/GloPoWriMo.

Poet’s note: ESO is chock-full of books! One of the in-game goals is to locate all of the volumes in Shalidor’s Library. This poem was inspired by one of the reference books in that library, Soul-Trapping I: An Introduction, by Warlock Elinyon (this is the last book I need to find in the Dungeon Lore set! I know where it is [Selene’s Web], just need to get there to pick it up!).

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