GloPoWriMo – Day 30

“Saturday is taking back communities and parks – going out and living life. And Sunday is the big ‘rev it up’ event where everyone from all corners of Arizona are going to come upon the capital to march in a peaceful movement.” — Ryan Ryker Martin, qtd. here.

What Will Return?

to the tattoo parlor and the inker behind his mask
the beauty salon and the girl who does your nails
the ice cream shop, cafe, the mall with its crowds
to the park, go out and
rev it up, take it back, return to
normalcy, return

to life?

to SARS COv 2, COVID-19,
ventilator shortages, bodies in U-Hauls,
suicidal nurses, closed-space incubators,
retun to infection, contagion,
spikes in charts, return

to death

Daily Prompt:  “write a poem about something that returns,” from Na/GloPoWriMo.

Author’s note: Some states and countries may be opening, but it’s not the ending. As infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm claim, it may only be “the second inning.”

I began GloPoWriMo on April 1 thinking that this project would see me through the stay-at-home time, and when the project was done, I’d return to work and life-as-before. I’m seeing now that, instead, this project has ushered in a new life. I won’t be returning to what was before.

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