Another Legacy 2.9

Kiana finally ventured up to the second floor during the holidays. She needed someplace to put the tree.

She’d spent the past few evenings stringing popcorn and cranberries. They looked festive when she hung them on the tree, and the entire room filled with a salty, tangy, piney aroma.

She’d found some vintage glass decorations at a second-hand store–an entire box for five dollars! The tree looked so beautiful. Even Ira would have approved!

She picked up some presents for her old college roommates and some of the new people she’d met in the city, whom she’d invited to drop by for a WinterFest feast. With the gifts wrapped and set beneath the tree, she felt settled–a milestone met! Her first holiday in her own place!

From the upstairs balcony, she could look out over the snowy city parks and walkways towards the hills beyond the bay, frosted like a cake!

Even though it was winter, she decided to start a garden on the patio. She picked up some vertical planters and a few pots that were on discount from a landscape supply store. The balcony had southern exposure, with sun all day. A perfect place for a garden!

She thought that the people in the offices and apartments across the way might enjoy looking out and seeing some greenery once the plants reached maturity. It felt good to bring more nature into the city.

She did some calculations while she took her daily jog through the snow-covered walkways. At her current rate, this time next year, she should have enough for her new kitchen, and even to furnish the upstairs. Plus, the agency had hinted that she’d be getting higher rates, soon, since she was becoming their most-requested free-lancer.

When she took the flat in the city, she’d thought it would be temporary, just long enough for her to save up for a better place. But she had to admit she liked it here. The lifestyle in her district suited her, and her apartment had the potential to become close to perfect for her.

Could it be that she could be happy living in the city? Was it that her present held the seeds for her future, right here, and all she had to do was plant herself in this bright and sunny locale?

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