Another Legacy 2.14

Since Kiana wanted to be available for Jonah when he was home, she decided she’d plan for her necessary solitary time while he was at school. The seven hours from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. should give her plenty of time to practice yoga, go for a jog, work on her graphic art commissions, and even just chill alone, listening to music or doing something fun, for a little bit.

But it didn’t work out that way. Somehow, just by being friendly and polite, Kiana, very much a loner by temperament, ended up with the lifestyle of a people person. She seemed to make friends just by saying hello or introducing herself, and then, next thing she knew, she’d be in the kitchen making lunch with the mailman, for example.

She was completely baffled. She’d struggled to make friends all through school, hardly even thought about a social life in college, and now, she accumulated dozens of friends without even trying.

At least the mailman was a nice guy who liked cooking almost as much as she did. And he liked plants, too. That counted for something.

She ended up staying up late, after Jonah went to sleep, to fit in her time alone. Standing by the window, looking out over the lights of the city, she felt inspired, and she could whip out a digital sketch in an hour or two.

Getting her work done after Jonah’s bedtime meant they could do fun things together when he got back from school, and their district was full of fun things to do.

Every few weeks there was a festival. The Spice Festival was the first one they went to together, not so much to eat spicy food, but to feast their eyes on all the spicy colors.

Jonah was such a friendly kid. He’d talk to anybody–well, a lot of kids will talk to anybody, but Jonah actually listened, and not just as a matter of politeness, though he was a polite kid, but out of curiosity. He really wanted to learn about other people.

Kiana listened to him ask questions to a person they’d just met there at the festival, and she thought, this kid is a natural people person. With her, it was just some weird fluke of friendliness in an environment that maybe wasn’t always that friendly, but with Jonah, it was because he actually liked other people.

She gave it a try herself, trying to show some genuine interest in the bartender when she ordered a cranberry juice, but she couldn’t think of anything to ask that didn’t seem nosy, so she just stood there, smiling awkwardly. They became friends, anyway.

And so this was what her life was like right now: overfull in an explosion of color, but not like a riot of color, like all these intricate patterns, somehow intertwining themselves and lending an air of fascination to every moment. In the midst of colors and people, Kiana felt awe.

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