Another Legacy 2.18

My! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I see that WordPress has changed its default text in the edit view–always a major distraction to my autistic brain that feels fonts are friends! Where did you go, my lovely little sans-serif?

So, my last post was, what, all the way back in August? What happened? Well, I’ve been teaching, and I’ve also been writing (and publishing!) poetry! It’s a dream I never dared dream, back when I was a little girl who felt that Emily Dickinson opened up the petals of a flower to uncover galaxies. I didn’t think I could be a poet–that’s why I wrote fiction. But somehow, I’ve lost the narrative thread of my life, and moments unfold in poems, and I am a poet.

Retirement brings amazing gifts! But apparently, continuing my Sim legacy fell through the cracks! I started this two years ago on Thanksgiving, and at this rate, it will be 20 years before it’s finished! Oh–I may not live that long, so let’s step on the gas. At least I’ve played ahead to Gen 4. Maybe I can catch up by the new year?

So what has been happening with Kiana?

Kiana discovered that she loved much of the culture of the district in the city where she lived. Especially the geek festival, where everyone spoke her native language of games and geekiness!

But some of the customs were simply incomprehensible to her. Like Free Love.

Casual acquaintances, random strangers, good friends–they all felt that they could walk up to her, take her hands, whisper sweet words to her, and that was love!

That wasn’t love, at least not the way she’d been raised. Case had been an asexual, and he and Ira, who loved each other more than any two people Kiana had ever known, never shared more than a friendly hug.

All these casual displays made her miss them more, Case especially. He’d shown her that love was providing a home, cooking good food, being there to ask about and listen to her when she talked about her emotions, and offering guidance and support. That was love, not a stray kiss, a tongue, a squeeze, a pinch on the butt.

Her neighbors felt differently.

“So, the swinging city!” Sophie said one afternoon when they met in the foyer. “Is that what brought you here, too?”

“No,” Kiana replied. “This apartment was the only place I could afford. Anywhere.”

Sophie invited herself in and as they started talking, Kiana realized she really liked her neighbor, even if they did have different views on the whole Free Love thing.

“Yeah,” Sophie said, “Scott and I are what you might call swingers. I mean, we love each other, for sure, and our family is everything to us, but we also like to have fun. To express other parts of ourselves, you might say.”

“Huh,” Kiana replied, “that sounds like it could actually, maybe, contribute to your marriage?”

“Oh, totally!” replied Sophie. “We’re very open with each other. For example, we both find you very attractive. Now I get that that’s not something you’re interested in right now, but if you ever changed your mind, with either of us, just know that it’s OK, in fact it’s super cool and groovy, with both of us!”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Kiana said.

But for right now, she was happy simply to have Sophie as a friend.

Sophie joined her at the yoga classes she taught at the community center across the plaza. It was a mixed-age class, and Kiana had to use all her teaching knowledge to come up with modifications for the elders, instructions for the kids, and challenges for someone fit like Sophie.

In addition to attracting new residents like Scott and Sophie York, the district’s customs also attracted visitors from nearby cities. You can imagine my surprise when Agnes Crumplebottom showed up.

“Is it true,” she whispered to the tall, dark stranger, “that what happens in the city stays in the city?”

For Jonah, the grown ups were just being grown ups, and this was all just a happy, healthy, loving community in which to be a kid. Heck, I’m reminded of my own childhood in the 1960s in Northern California. Free Love, back then, was just another term for good vibes, and good vibes are what we hippie kids thrive on.

“You know, we’ve got a kid about your age,” Sophie told Jonah. “Would you like to play with him?”

Of course Jonah wanted to! But it didn’t happen that day, or any other in the future, for Scott, it seems, had taken an immediate and fervent dislike of Jonah before he even laid eyes on him.

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