Another Legacy, 4.18

Bloganuary Daily Prompt for January 29, 2023: What is something you learned recently?

From Nicki Flores’ Journal

Strange and terrifying things have happened recently, but let me start with the normal. Magdalena joined scouts.

My dad and I were both scouts, and being a scout, I feel, helped me develop so many good personal qualities, like discipline, kindness, helpfulness, and application. Dad says he thinks that, through scouts, we learn how to learn, so that we have a leg up on any future skills or subjects. He’s probably right.

Anyway, Magdalena often asked about our scout trophies, and she loved to listen to us tell stories about scout trips and earning badges, so when we asked her if she wanted to be a scout, she replied with an enthusiastic yes.

“You look great in your scout uniform,” I said when she stood before me on her way to the first meeting. “How does it feel?”

“It’s scratchy,” she replied, “but I can put up with it. I’m a scout.”

She must have liked it OK, for she stayed in her uniform after her meeting, while she played and wrote in her journal.

This is our first rainy season here, and I’ve been simply amazed at how much rain falls. Copperdale is pretty rainy, so I thought I knew what rain was, but a tropical rain is nothing like a temperate rain!

We were thankful for our solid home and double-insulated windows.

But it wasn’t just the rain and lightning storms that were strange and terrifying.

Something happened to Dad.

He was in the kitchen, cooking an omelette and chuckling to himself, when he started laughing.

I heard a thump and then Magdalena screamed.

I thought maybe she’d dropped something, but when I got to the kitchen, Dad lay on the floor, collapsed.

I went to the sink to get some water for a compress, and, over my shoulder, I sensed both a dark presence and a blue light.

I heard my grandma say, “You’re not taking him. Not now. You’re mistaken. It’s not his time.”

There was a low rumble in response, and then a flash of light as Dad ascended.

I don’t know what to make of it.

But he stood there, strong as ever.

So that was strange and terrifying. But it wasn’t the strangest part. The strangest part was that it was as if my vision had somehow shifted through the shock of it all. The blue light coalesced into the form of Grandma, and the dark presence solidified into a robed figure with a sickle–the classic Grim Reaper!

I don’t know what to make of this, except to think that, perhaps, close encounters with death snap us out of our normal perception, allowing us to see with our eyes what is usually hidden from us.

Maybe this is what has allowed Magdalena to see Grandma all along.

Dad says that he’s learned that we can befriend death. “There’s nothing to be afraid of,” Dad says.

At any rate, since Death is an inevitable aspect of Life, I suppose it can’t hurt to accept it without resistance when it invites itself into your home.

Of course, it’s easier for me to befriend death when my dad managed to escape it. I’m not sure I could accept his presence or his friendship if he’d claimed Dad.

We were lucky that Asuka was there. I was in such an altered state that I wasn’t really available to check in on Magdalena. But Asuka, who’d been taking a nap in the studio when all this happened, had a clear mind. She stepped in and made sure that Magdalena was fine.

Which she was.

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