Another Legacy, 4.20

Bloganuary Daily Prompt for January 31, 2023: Where is the best place to watch the sunset near you?

From Nicki Flores’ Journal

Dad has a mission: To find the best place to watch the sunset.

He’s asking everyone he meets, including Father Winter, when he showed up at our place on WinterFest, dressed in his swimming trunks. At least his swim shorts were WinterFest white and blue! I guess if you live on an island that can only be reached by boat, swimming, or wading across a sandbar, then you’re bound to have everyone, from Father Winter to the mail deliverer show up in swim attire.

Magdalena had a mission of her own: To find a best friend.

She tried to invent friend potion on the chemistry set.

I told her I would be her best friend, but she said that while I make a very good friend, for a best friend, she wants someone her own age. That’s wise, I suppose.

She asked Father Winter if he could give her a best friend.

“What’s this?” she wondered when she opened the box he gave her.

“It’s friend magic,” he replied.

Magdalena definitely believes in magic, so she seemed disappointed when she came home from school, and she still didn’t have a best friend.

She went to Asuka. I’ve noticed that when she has a problem or something that worries her, she’ll seek out Asuka, if Asuka is over. If not, she’ll come to me or Dad, but Asuka is always her first choice. I’d feel jealous if I didn’t feel so grateful. I mean, I know what a good person Asuka is to talk with, so I’m glad that Magdalena has her, too.

Asuka just has a special touch when it comes to listening, finding solutions, and being supportive.

“You know,” Asuka said, “I might know of some people who could be good friends for you! Do you know the Fields? They have a little girl about your age named Azure. Shall I invite her over?”

“Azure Fields!” said Magdalena. “That sounds like something out of a magic book!”

Azure Fields may not be out of a magic book, but she is very cool.

She and Magdalena played chess, told jokes, shared secrets, and became best friends.

I love to see this side of Magdalena. She spends so much time alone, often in what seems like her own world of imagination, and that’s wonderful. At the same time, to see her talk with a living friend with the same excitement with which she talks to her imaginary friends felt so good.

I feel that she’s adjusting and making it past her traumatic early years.

We’ve made it through the winter rainy season. The tropical warmth extends into the evening, and Magdalena often swims when she gets home from school, after she’s done her homework.

She’s left her slow dog paddle behind, and now she races through our bay in a strong free-style.

She and Azure text each other all hours of the day and night. I don’t want to put limits on it. I’m happy Magdalena has a friend and that she’s always there for Azure, just as Azure is always there for her.

And Dad? His search for the perfect sunset vista continues.

He told me the other day that he has both found it, and not found it.

“It’s not really something that can ever be actually found,” he said, in his cryptic way. “It’s more something that has to be discovered within you. If you’re alive and here to see the sunset for one more day, then anywhere is the best place to view the sunset. Wherever you are, that’s the best place.”

It’s an easy truth to realize when you’re living in paradise.

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